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Contingent IT Workforce Survey

Key Points from this Infographic:

The Contingent Workforce infographic reveals the results of a survey on the current state and future trends in the organizational adoption of contingent IT workers. The survey findings represent the views of more than 1,500 IT leaders and IT professionals, and examines the reasons for hiring contingent workers, adoption rates, satisfaction levels, motivational factors and effectiveness of contingent worker management.

  • Organizations Increasingly Turn to Contingent Labor
    • By 2018, the percentage of IT leaders estimating that contingent IT labor will make up between 11 percent and 25 percent of their overall IT workforce will increase from 25 percent to 35 percent.
  • Leaders View Contingent Labor as Critical, Disconnect with Workers on Quality of Work
    • Over two-thirds (69 percent) of IT leaders believe that contingent labor is critical to the success of their organization’s business operations.
    • Although 90 percent of IT professionals agree that contingent worker performance meets the expectations of their hiring company, only 68 percent of IT leaders say the same.
  • Organizations Struggle with Contingent Labor Strategy
    • Less than a quarter of IT leaders indicate that their contingent labor strategy is part of an enterprise-wide (23 percent) or department-wide (20 percent) workforce planning strategy. More than one in 10 (11 percent) say that their use of contingent labor is simply not defined.