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Key Points from This Infographic:

  • 50 percent of healthcare organizations underestimated the impact ICD-10 would have on their business
  • Over 60 percent of organizations will spend over $10 million on their ICD-10 implementation
  • Only 1 percent of healthcare organizations have completed all stages of their ICD-10 implementation
  • 75 percent of healthcare organizations will partner with a vendor to implement ICD-10
  • 55 percent of organizations cite hiring/staff as one of their greatest challenges associated with ICD-10
  • Eight out of 10 healthcare IT skills were classified as high need by CIOs for ICD-10
  • Project manager and coding specialist are considered the most important skills for ICD-10 implementation

About TEKsystems® ICD-10 Services:

TEKsystems' experience in partnering with over 500 healthcare organizations annually equips us with an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry and practical insight into how to best execute initiatives. Further, our ICD-10 leadership team is trained according to the World Health Organization's standards and possesses extensive experience supporting ICD-10 transitions in international markets, allowing us to address all the requirements for a successful migration.