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EHR Implementation Success Factors

Key Points from This Infographic:

  • Only 43 percent of hospitals have completed their EHR implementation
  • 57 percent of organizations report to be over budget on their EHR costs
  • Only 26 percent are extremely  confident in their organization’s ability to meet their expected ROI within the dedicated timeframe for EHR implementation
  • 74 percent of healthcare organizations only started training one to three months prior to the EHR implementation start date
  • Organizations are allocating on 16 percent of their total EHR budget to training and change management over the lifetime of the EHR implementation
  • 85 percent of healthcare professionals feel a curriculum that encompasses the varying needs of the end users will lead to increased user adoption and decreased learning curves
  • More than 50 percent of healthcare organizations anticipate end users will need more than six months to adopt new EHR system enhancements or upgrades
  • 47 percent of healthcare professionals would feel more confident in a successful EHR implementation if they were involved in the planning process and received better communication around EHR implementation

About TEKsystems® EHR Implementation Survey:

By providing customized training and talent management expertise, TEKsystems EHR Implementation Support Services helps healthcare organizations overcome EHR adoption challenges and accomplish productivity, financial and resource goals. Our offerings in this area increase end user understanding and support of the EHR system, leading to maximized patient safety and care.