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Key Points from This Infographic:

  • Only 27 percent of IT leaders surveyed said their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiatives are very successful
  • Only 17 percent of IT professionals strongly agreed their organizations dedicate enough thought and effort to workforce planning around ERP
  • 55 percent of respondents reported failed ERP implementations due to insufficient workforce planning
  • Challenges caused by a lack of workforce planning include missed timelines, lower quality deliverables, productivity issues, budget overruns and less system functionality than defined in the original project scope
  • More than 90 percent of organizations report experiencing at least one major challenge due to a lack of available qualified IT professionals for their ERP programs
  • 46 percent of IT leaders reported their number one challenge is “Getting the qualified IT professionals I need fast.”
  • Only 17 percent of organizations express extreme confidence that they have the necessary capacity (bandwidth) to manage their ERP programs
  • Organizations that successfully execute ERP projects start planning, on average, 6.6 months before implementation

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