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Big Data Initiatives Survey

Key Points from this Infographic:

Big Data…The Next Frontier infographic reveals where the current state of Big Data initiatives stand, and its implications on organizations, according to more than 3,500 IT leaders and IT professionals. The infographic depicts that while Big Data is viewed as impacting organizations on a grand scale, IT leaders are under the impression that Big Data has progressed further than IT professionals can verify.

Key Findings:

  • Big Data – Difference of Opinion on Progress and Confidence
    • Ninety percent of IT leaders and 84 percent of IT professionals believe investments of time, money and resources into Big Data initiatives are worthwhile, however opinions vary on where their organizations stand on being able to take advantage of big data efforts.
  • Big Data – Agreement on Priorities and Challenges
    • Both IT leaders and IT professionals have common viewpoints on a number of issues.
  • Big Data – Skill Sets the Missing Link
    • More than 80 percent of IT leaders and 77 percent of IT professionals believe there is a significant shortage of workers with the skills required to plan, execute and take advantage of the potential of big data projects.