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Providing Post-Installation Support at Kohl's

Retail | Network Infrastructure Staffing

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A nationwide retail chain turns to TEKsystems for assistance with post-installation support of its point-of-sale equipment in 74 new stores throughout the U.S.

Kohl’s, a national retail chain with headquarters in Wisconsin and over 1,000 locations across the United States, has partnered with TEKsystems since 1997. Our solid working relationship is based on a thorough knowledge of its business and industry, which creates a direct line-of-sight into its specific business needs. In 2008, Kohl’s reduced its vendor base from 200 to just nine. TEKsystems remained a valued partner and consistently ranks as one of its top two vendors.
POS, IBM equipment
Prior to a new store opening, an installation team is dispatched from IBM to perform a two-day installation of the point-of-sale (POS) equipment and telephones. Following these installations, Kohl’s typically experiences minor technical issues with its telephonic and POS equipment and has found that it normally takes about two weeks to resolve issues after the initial installation. Kohl’s planned to simultaneously open 37 new retail stores nationwide in the spring and another 37 new stores in fall of a single year. To help combat post-installation issues and ensure quick resolution, Kohl’s decided to leverage its relationship with TEKsystems to contract 37 technicians to provide on-site support at each of these sites.

Upon assessing the project scope and requirements, TEKsystems determined that the best remedy would be to implement a Coordinated Deployment Team Service (CDTS ) model. With each new store built, one of our technicians was deployed for a full two weeks to manage all the details, test the equipment and fix any issues as they emerged. An additional 37 technicians were deployed on day one to provide additional support on the critical first day of the project, for a total of 74 technicians dedicated to the Kohl’s deployment effort.

The team was led by a TEKsystems project/resource manager, who was stationed in our Minneapolis office, and worked with our National Logistics Office (NLO) to ensure consistency of delivery and outcomes across each site. Additionally, a project coordinator was deployed to Kohl’s corporate headquarters. This role was responsible for supporting the project/resource manager and assisting with the technician onboarding process. We also assigned one PC technician who specialized in desktop and networking support to travel to unsupervised sites and remedy the more complex issues that the technicians had to escalate.

TEKsystems facilitated technology deployments in each of the 37 stores and completed each job on time and on budget. Our support of this project enabled Kohl’s to save money by limiting revisits from IBM technicians. The company also noted an increase in productivity attributed to our technicians’ ability to be stationed on-site and proactively avoid or quickly remedy technical issues. Our lessons learned and many successes within this project enabled us to create a proven best practice process for ensuring smooth operations for future Kohl’s grand openings.

Since our first partnership on these new store openings, we have assisted with approximately 180 new store build outs, all with very successful outcomes. We have also deployed resources to support several subsequent projects that call for skill sets such as database administrators, business analysts, technical writers, QA and desktop support.

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