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Strengthening a Manufacturer’s Brand and Content Delivery via Sitecore


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A Fortune 500 manufacturer wanted to build a new media-rich website and online newsroom using Sitecore. The new website would help strengthen their brand and better position them as an innovator in the marketplace. The company partnered with our client, a leading marketing and advertising firm, and TEKsystems to build out a site with improved site architecture and a content management system (CMS); these enhancements would enable content to be pushed out faster and provide greater insight into visitor behaviors that could also be leveraged to inform targeted marketing campaigns.

Client Profile

Our client of more than 10 years is a multinational marketing and advertising firm, owned by the world’s largest marketing communications services company. The company develops and executes impactful content and marketing strategies for its customers.

In turn, they were driving the marketing and brand strategy for one of their clients, a Fortune 500 manufacturer that produces and distributes innovative solutions and products to a variety of industries, including engineering, aerospace, automotive, industrial and consumer services.

Skill Sets and Technologies Supported

Application development, .NET, front-end development, JavaScript, Microsoft Azure IaaS, Sharepoint, Sitecore 8, Testing, Windows PowerShell scripting

Industry Landscape

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way customers interact with companies and brands across a wide array of technologies and platforms. At the heart of this engagement is the user experience (UX). Savvy businesses are ramping up their efforts to use multiple mediums and devices to communicate with their customers. Driving more meaningful, timely and greater interactions with potential customers and clients is helping to improve customer experiences and increase engagement.

Today’s businesses are leveraging new content management systems (CMS) platforms that enable greater flexibility in delivering dynamic content to their customers. Newer platforms, like Sitecore 8, empower businesses to not only release compelling content quicker, but tailor content experiences based on user behavior and profiles.

These next-generation web solutions are more responsive and scalable, enriching overall UX. They also simultaneously deliver increased value to companies as they yield greater insight into consumer interactions, site conversations tied to revenue and overall return on investment—a valuable differentiator to businesses in all industries.


As a leading innovator delivering technology and manufacturing solutions to a wide variety of industries, it was extremely important that the manufacturer’s web presence reflect their standing in the market. One way to achieve this was by delivering more meaningful content experiences—especially their online newsroom. From a UX perspective, visitors would gain access to more robust, tailored content and diversified media, including videos, media kits and interactive components.

From a business perspective, a more sophisticated site would not only help deepen their brand reputation and provide valuable insight into visitor behaviors. Collected data could be used to better inform business decisions or gauge responses to new products or announcements. It could also be leveraged by marketing to create custom campaigns to help drive revenue and respond to consumer demands.

After assessing possible CMSs to align with the manufacturer’s business and UX goals, Sitecore 8 was chosen as their preferred platform. The manufacturer sought a development partner to support the transition to the new CMS and the redesign of their site and newsroom.


Our client, a leading digital and marketing agency, was contracted by the manufacturer to support this project. Having a lengthy history of supporting CMS work, TEKsystems was engaged by our client to deepen their Sitecore expertise by providing a skilled Agile team out of our Montreal Innovation Centre. This team has deep knowledge and insight into Agile best practices for site development, and specifically extensive expertise with Sitecore, .NET, front-end development and mature application development and testing methodologies.

Leveraging BrainJocks’ SCORE™ development framework, we would first address the site’s architecture. Content from the client’s disparate CMSs and digital asset managers would be aggregated, extracted and migrated to Sitecore. Consolidation would not only standardize processes for managing content, it would provide a more agile approach to releasing updates across the site, as the new CMS would have a component-based framework. As a result, the manufacturer’s marketing department would gain greater control over timely, business-critical content changes without having to involve technical/development teams.

We would also work with the manufacturer’s design team to ensure the aesthetic of the new site and newsroom aligned with the overall desired functionality, allowing for more tailored content experiences for visitors. It would also better enable the manufacturer’s marketing team to push announcements and content out to customers in real time, much like a 24-hour news cycle.

Given the scope of the work and the desired delivery timeframe, our team would work in tandem with the manufacturer’s global development and testing teams. Spread across the U.S., India and China, these teams would be responsible for various site components.

They would also work against an aggressive timeline and hard go-live date established by the manufacturer’s internal stakeholders. Working back from the set launch date and preset budget, we would help the client and manufacturer prioritize goals based on what was most important and feasible within the deadline.


Over the course of six months—and in partnership with our client—we developed a more dynamic website and interactive, media-rich newsroom that elevated UX for customers and enabled improved content delivery. We achieved this on time and within budget, delivering the final site in advance of the preset go-live date.

The new site empowers the manufacturer’s marketing team to easily and independently implement content changes through a single, component-based library. In addition to improved content delivery, the unifying CMS provides a governance framework that delivers improved content quality across the site and increased cost savings.

Throughout the engagement we continually sought process improvements to streamline production and identify areas where the manufacturer—and our client—could further mature their development processes and procedures. We provided guidance and consultation around Agile best practices and methodologies to enable better overall project delivery and execution.

Additionally, we provided rich internet application (RIA) development to help the manufacturer develop the necessary user interface to achieve the complex functionality sought for the new site’s homepage. The page now has rotating, interactive tiles to further enhance the UX.

Ultimately, the new site has not only helped reinforce the manufacturer’s brand in the marketplace and enabled greater UX for visitors, it has given their marketing team greater control over content, reduced costs and delivered improved insight into visitor behaviors to better inform business decisions.

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