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Creating a Specialized Training Program for JBS Employees After an ERP Integration

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Following several mergers and acquisitions JBS, a global leader in beef and pork processing, decided to implement a new SAP® ERP platform and partner with TEKsystems for education services.

JBS, a global leader in beef and pork processing, has a presence in 100 percent of the world’s consumer markets, with plants in four of the main beef-producing countries – Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Australia – and exports that reach 110 countries. With more than 40,000 employees, the company’s operations in the United States include eight beef processing facilities, three pork processing facilities, one lamb processing facility, one case-ready beef and pork facility, 25 poultry processing facilities, nine prepared chicken plants, one hide tannery, 21 regional distribution centers, two grease-producing facilities, and 11 feedlots. TEKsystems has been a JBS partner since 1999.
SAP® ERP platform; Custom SAP® training courseware related to non-technical user introduction
Following a number of acquisitions, JBS decided to consolidate several internal systems including the integration of all ERP functions to a single SAP® ERP platform. To ensure a successful implementation and a seamless migration away from the legacy systems, the client decided to offer its employees training and education services on the new technology. The client’s educational needs spanned basic system orientation as well as advanced training on the custom aspects of the system. JBS management sought a provider capable of delivering on-site, instructor-led training (ILT) that was also able to meet its desire to augment traditional SAP® training with custom education services designed around JBS-specific functions. After evaluating several vendors, JBS found that most vendors did not offer custom classes and offered only limited locations, requiring clients to fly to the vendor’s facility for education services. JBS could enjoy a tremendous cost savings if it could partner with a provider that offered training at its JBS facility and TEKsystems was selected as the provider of choice.
TEKsystems worked collaboratively with the client to craft specialized course content. We deployed an instructor to JBS’ Colorado office to deliver five days of functional end user training. The curriculum covered various modules under three key topics:

SAP® Introduction for the Non-Technical User (SAP 01):
This three-day course is designed specifically for members of the organization that would like to obtain a non-technical overview of SAP®. The goal of this course is to teach participants SAP® basics: functionality, terminology, overall flow and integration. Users walk away from this class with a solid understanding of SAP® basics and should feel comfortable discussing SAP® at a high level. The purpose of this course is to increase awareness of the SAP® system and to prepare project team members for additional levels of SAP® training. This course is designed for project team members, Super Users, Power Users and anyone that would like to have a general overview of SAP® basics. Approximately 30 JBS students attended this class.

SAP® Finance / Controlling Overview (SAP 17):
This two-day course is designed to provide project team members with an understanding of the SAP® FI/CO modules with a focus on AR, Customer Master and Credit. This course is designed for individuals who are project team members. Approximately 30 JBS students attended this class.

SAP® Human Resources Overview (SAP 28):
This three-day course is designed specifically for members of the organization that need to gain understanding of the human resources modules including – functionality, terminology, overall flow, process, the org structure, HR master data, infotypes, time reporting, benefits, payroll, e-recruiting, performance, training and event management, and travel management. This course is designed for individuals who are project team members. Approximately 12 JBS students attended this class.

From a logistical perspective, we leveraged the availability of the client’s on-site training facility, complete with workstations and Internet access. We maintained responsibility for delivering ILT, services coordination of travel and provision of all course materials.
TEKsystems was able to complete this engagement on time and on budget, and students gave us a satisfaction rating of 98 percent. As a result of the education services received, JBS employees are now very well-versed in SAP®. Participants are now able to understand basic navigation, define basic SAP® terminology, describe the overall flow and integration of key SAP® modules, as well as define the link between payroll, finance and controlling.

Additionally, JBS management reported a significant reduction in the ramp-up time that would traditionally follow an ERP system implementation. With this newfound knowledge, employees were able to easily navigate the new system. This had a positive impact on morale and empowered employees to be more confident and prepared for their day-to-day jobs.

TEKsystems has since expanded our support of JBS’ SAP® initiative to include recruiting direct placements to fill the following three full-time roles: SAP® basis administrator, SAP® sales and distribution (SD) manager and a SAP® FI/CO configuration analyst.
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