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Lumentum drives innovation through next-gen, cloud-ready platform


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Big Data Platform for Manufacturer

Lumentum partnered with TEKsystems to build a big data platform to improve manufacturing reliability and product quality by leveraging a scalable, cloud-based platform.

Client Profile

Lumentum is a leading manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products, enabling optical networking and commercial laser customers worldwide. Their laser sensor products were integral components in the first high-volume 3-D sensing gaming application, and they now enable next-generation capabilities for diverse consumer electronic applications. TEKsystems Global Services® first worked with Lumentum to set up their business intelligence structure in 2014.


Lumentum partnered with TEKsystems to design and implement a big data platform to capture, analyze and report data pertaining to manufacturing operations to provide the client with a unified picture of their end-to-end manufacturing process.

The scope of the engagement covered:

  • Creating a strategy and roadmap to address business challenges
  • Designing a scalable and integrated data platform to address their analytics-related needs
  • Building process and automation to collect and analyze data from multiple source systems across the contract manufacturer landscape
  • Setting up a data environment for data science and statistical analysis

Lumentum selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the central data hub and local infrastructure was set up at the manufacturing plants to manage data volume.

On-premise edge compute and analytics nodes enable analytics and knowledge generation to occur at the source of the data (i.e., manufacturing plants). This setup ensures the plants are capable of completing their day-to-day operational activities independently and that production won’t shut down based on network connectivity. The nodes connect to a central location to provide information, but operate differently if the center system were to lose connectivity.

A hub-and-spoke arechitecture was put in place with “all in the box” edge analytics for edge locations and a centralized cloud-based platform for end-to-end data needs analytics. The solution included:

  • Edge data acquisition and analytics leveraging Apache Spark infrastructure
  • Centralized cloud data platform with Hortonworks on AWS
    • S3 as persistent data store for all data sets and also the file system for the HDP on EC2
    • HDP cluster on EC2
    • Redshift for aggregated data used for reporting
  • Data lab built on R and MATLAB

We followed an Agile approach (Concept-Pilot-Execute) with a two-week sprint cycle for the technical implementation. This ensured a quick validation of the solution stack and architecture and helped identify and address hurdles, changes or course corrections early and quickly. We also set up a dedicated steering committee to help track issues related to coordinating and pushing integration activities with the contract manufacturers.


TEKsystems established a next-generation, scalable data framework based on the AWS platform to analyze and report product quality data across multiple plants. This provided real-time visibility into the end-to-end manufacturing process, thereby reducing the cost of quality significantly.

The platform provides data exploration and profiling capabilities, data science and modeling capabilities, and storage of petabyte-scale data.

In this solution, Lumentum also saved license and service costs related to database maintenance by consolidating data across Oracle and SQL Server databases and moving it to the cloud platform.

Given the dynamic nature of the requirements and evolving nature of the new supply chain process, the implementation strategy revolved around agility and thought leadership to respond to frequent changes and unforeseen hurdles.

Two strategies that were critical to our successful implementation were:

  • Leveraging our Big Data Center of Excellence (CoE) in Hyderabad to run parallel pilots with the on-site team to speed up learning, testing and development to turn concepts into executable solutions. Since we were leveraging new, cutting-edge technologies, our CoE helped our on-site development team with experimentation and validation of the new technology without the burden of learning being charged to our client. Running the pilot internally allowed us to test multiple technology combinations.
  • Leveraging an Agile approach to implementation. Our Concept-Pilot-Execute approach enabled us to validate the solution as it was implemented. It allowed us make continuous progress based on available information while accommodating changes. Plus, our active engagement with the client sponsor helped us gather input and provide thought leadership throughout the engagement.

Lumentum now has the ability to consume, store and analyze real-time data so they can provide real-time input into manufacturing and quality operations. They are also in a better position to replicate the successful outcome of the production parameters (i.e., the golden batch) captured at one production facility across other facilities rapidly.


"At Lumentum, we were looking for partners who can help us to be agile, innovative and scalable to build next-gen manufacturing quality systems. AWS provided us the platform with the technology needed to build a cutting-edge platform at scale. As a trusted partner, TEKsystems established the platform from initial design to pilot, production and operation of the solution. A great partnership between Lumentum, AWS and TEKsystems resulted in achieving the required manufacturing scalability in a shorter time frame, adding the innovative edge to our operation.”
— Sree Vaidyanathan, Vice President, Lumentum

Technologies Supported

  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) (on premise and AWS EC2)
  • Apache: Apache HAWQ; Apache Hive; Apache Kafka; Apache Nifi; Apache Oozie; Apache Spark; Apache Sqoop
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); Amazon Kinesis; Amazon Redshift; Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3); AWS CodeDeploy; AWS CodeCommit; AWS CodePipeline

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