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Becoming a Top Creative Staffing Agency at a Fortune 500 Company


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In less than two years, TEKsystems has become the leading digital and creative staffing provider for a Fortune 500 company, placing over 90 design professionals and helping the client accomplish critical business initiatives.

Client Profile

Our client is a large global organization. TEKsystems has been the leading IT staffing provider for this client since 2009.

Skill Sets Provided

Art direction, asset management, broadcast motion editing, design quality assurance, digital project management, email design, email development, illustration, motion animation, photo editing, UI design, UX design, visual and graphic design


Our client has an internal design agency where all its creative is developed. Each product line within their company is a separate account for the internal agency.

Due to our successful IT staffing partnership with this client and ability to find design talent for another large global company, we secured a meeting with the agency’s production manager. During our first meeting, he outlined his three biggest frustrations with using third-party vendors to supplement his team:

  • Recycled resumes. Firms were sending the same resumes over and over for positions, leading the hiring manager to feel the local talent pool was tapped out.
  • Inability to support volume. The manager needed a partner who could keep up with his team’s fluctuating demand and deliver talent quickly.
  • Consultant satisfaction. He felt some firms were inconsistent in their relationships with consultants (e.g., lack of pay increases, performance feedback and communication). He wanted to make sure any consultants who worked at the client as part of his team would have a positive experience—whether their employer of record was the client or a staffing company.

In addition to these challenges, the agency faced typical vendor management headaches that come with dealing with multiple providers, such as managing multiple points of contact and timecard submittal processes.


The production manager gave TEKsystems Digital an opportunity to fill one design position, and we seized that opportunity to truly understand what he was looking for and customize our screening process to match. Our first placement was successful and we were granted additional positions to fill.

To keep growing a relevant, fresh network of high-quality digital and creative talent in the local market, TEKsystems Digital is very active in the local design community—attending and sponsoring meet-ups and seizing opportunities to network with digital professionals. This ensures our pool of talent remains large and diverse to ensure we can find the right skill sets our client needs when they need them.

Moreover, we provide excellent service to our consultants, working with them to develop their skills, providing performance feedback and alerting them to milestones in their contract. These positive relationships have resulted in additional quality referrals for talent for the client.

As our partnership has grown, we have become further ingrained with the client’s production team, as well as other design teams within the company. Now we hear about upcoming initiative needs before a formal need is announced, so we can be proactive with a pipeline of talent. Plus, our proprietary Staffing Quality Process, which includes reference checks and portfolio reviews, further ensures the talent we place has the right mix of technical and creative skill sets, and is a cultural fit for the company.


Over an 18-month period, TEKsystems has placed over 90 digital consultants at the client. During our first year supporting the studio we only lost one consultant to attrition. Moreover, 12 percent of our consultants have since converted to full-time employees at the client.

Our consultants have supported major client initiatives, such as major sales events, a major product UI redesign, and outbound marketing, among others.

Further, our team is so attuned to what the client looks for in design talent that we are able to provide meaningful portfolio reviews before submitting applicants. In fact, our submittal-to-start ratio has been 2 to 1 or better. Due to our customer service and emphasis on quality, TEKsystems has become a top digital and creative supplier within our client.


“TEKsystems quickly stood out as my top choice for securing designers for my team. They take the time to meet with you and really get into what you are looking for in your staff. They then take that information and vet candidates they feel will fit well on the team. This has worked great for us as it reduces the number of interviews we need to conduct, and we still get the top-notch talent we desire. I have moved to a new team, but will continue to work with TEKsystems for all my staffing needs; in my opinion they are the best in the biz.” – Media production manager

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