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Implementing an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System for a Large Not-for-Profit Healthcare System

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A multi-state hospital and healthcare organization turns to TEKsystems to implement an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

The client, a multi-state network of about 20 hospitals, provides medical and surgical care to residents in seven states. The not-for-profit organization also operates numerous nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, as well as outpatient centers, hospices and home healthcare agencies.
Epic Suite; EHR/EMR system

The client was implementing epic’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for its ambulatory and in-patient divisions. It was planning this initiative for several years, but wanted to take advantage of capturing funds made available by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

It decided to take a ‘big-bang’ approach to the enterprise-wide implementation. The network consists of over 18 hospitals, five nursing care facilities, five assisted living facilities and over 50 ambulatory clinics. In total, over 20,000 employees are affected by this project.

Nationally, many health systems are currently engaged in very similar implementations and upgrades to their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) environment. The result of this is a national shortage of qualified technical / clinical resources needed to support such projects. The client’s in-house Human Resources department was ill-equipped to manage the immediate spike in demand for the dozens of new positions required. As the project matured, the client began seeking an external partner to assist with the shift away from hiring full-time equivalents to consulting expertise.

TEKsystems was already a proven staffing partner for this client and had a long history of providing high-quality software and hardware technical resources. The existing management team championed a partnership between TEKsystems and leaders of the client’s EMR implementation project.

Starting in 2009, the healthcare services team at TEKsystems sourced and recruited Epic EMR-centric skill sets that the client deemed ‘mission critical.’ As the project expanded, TEKsystems’ healthcare services team continuously met with the client to define the intricacies of its resource needs. TEKsystems identified client specific talent needs including specific EMR system requirements, unique technical / functional knowledge, communication aptitude and overall personality fit.

In order to best support the client’s needs, the Richmond, Va., TEKsystems team underwent several clinical systems training sessions that utilized internal resources who possessed strong health systems knowledge. This allowed TEKsystems to deliver on the client’s request to bring in a myriad of Epic / clinical systems skill sets including: clinical systems analysts, applications coordinators, clinical security analysts, EMR trainers and miscellaneous infrastructure support resources.

The client’s interaction and information-sharing with TEKsystems’ health services team proved fruitful. TEKsystems successfully sourced, screened, attracted and retained top-notch talent, regardless of the quickly diminishing resource pool.

To date, the Richmond, Virginia, team has provided resources in support of the Epic implementation in a number of ways. At this time, 93 percent of TEKsystems’ clinical systems-centric resources are still on the project. In order to maintain the commitment of TEKsystems’ resources, the local team actively engages each contractor on a weekly and / or monthly basis to ensure client and resource expectations were met.

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