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Supporting L3 Communications' Enterprise Information Technology Solutions (EITS) contract

Government | Network Infrastructure Staffing

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L3 Communications turns to TEKsystems for help executing its $1.3 billion Enterprise Information Technology Solutions (EITS ) contract.

L3 Communications is a prime defense contractor that supplies command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems to the U.S. military. TEKsystems and L3 have partnered since 2003 and for several years, the client has utilized TEKsystems as its exclusive IT staffing provider. As a result of our superior performance and proprietary Staffing Quality Process℠, we have earned the official status as one of L3’s preferred staffing providers. In 2007, we also received the prestigious ranking of Teaming Partner of the Year.

Programming, Network Infrastructure, VoIP, Telecommunications and Telephony technologies, C Sharp, ASP, .NET, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Sequel Server 2005, Cisco Router & Switches, Active Directory, Pearl and Powerbuilder applications that needed to convert to .NET framework

L3 was awarded a nine-year, $1.3 billion contract for its Enterprise Information Technology Solutions (EITS). This contract was to provide 24x7 IT support to 60,000 troops within the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command in the U.S. and overseas. This contract held L3 responsible for making sure these units had 24-hour access to the military’s massive global IT network.

Fort Bragg Army base would serve as headquarters for project operations. The base was located in a very small town in North Carolina and its distance from Raleigh made it difficult for L3 to attract technicians with the needed skill sets. Furthermore, the company struggled to find candidates with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security clearances who were willing to relocate. Without the necessary resources to service this contract, L3 needed outside staffing assistance and decided to partner with TEKsystems. Aside from our deep staffing expertise, L3 selected us because of our thorough understanding of its industry, business objectives and culture. 

TEKsystems constructed an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), leveraging its insight to L3, the opportunity and the local market. This enabled our recruiters to quickly tap into our vast network of local resources to source, screen and attract qualified candidates. Qualified individuals would preferably have a military background and needed to possess the security clearances that L3 required. Additionally, they would all need to be willing to relocate to the remote area. Meeting L3’s needs, we placed over 100 IT professionals when and where L3 needed them over a five-year period.

Skill sets placed include approximately 20 software developers, 10 help desk specialists, 15 network engineers, 45 system administrators and several Information Management engineers. These resources worked with L3’s internal personnel to maintain the new 24x7 support initiative via a variety of functions such as call center support, applications migration and maintenance of the command’s SharePoint portal, which was the interface to the command’s data management system. Upon filling these positions, we also implemented best practices for onboarding, training, performance management and retention of these critical placements. Moreover, we facilitated consistent, frequent and formalized communication between the consultants and managers to keep the staff engaged and productive throughout their assignments.

Due in large part to TEKsystems’ involvement, L3 has met all deadlines and goals under this EITS contract. We have ensured that more than 60,000 troops, located domestically and deployed abroad, could access the network, run all necessary applications and effectively communicate with internal operations. Additionally, L3 was so impressed with the quality of TEKsystems’ consultants that of the 100+ consultants deployed, 96 are still employed with L3 today. There are 16 consultants working on the base as TEKsystems contractors and L3 has converted the remaining members of the team to full time or L3 contracted employees. The initial nine-year contract for this engagement expires in March 2011, and L3 is well-positioned to win the new multi-year contract. Pending receipt of this subsequent award, TEKsystems has already accepted L3’s invitation to once again support the complex staffing requirements.
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