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Designing a Custom Training Solution for a Worldwide Financial Services Firm

Financial Services | Training and Education

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The client adopted Python, an extensible programming language, to streamline trading and risk management activities. TEKsystems provided training on Python to the client’s eight locations worldwide.

The client, a large global financial institution, serves individuals, businesses and large corporations by providing banking, investment and asset management services. The client operates multiple divisions and uses many systems and applications to process transactions across the organization.
Instructor-led training (ILT) on Python programming language
The financial services industry, subject to increasing regulatory oversight and market instability, has experienced high levels of merger activity and consolidation in the last few years. In order to stay competitive, firms must migrate sensitive customer data efficiently. At the same time, firms must continuously evolve their product and service offerings to gain new customers. Streamlined and secure transaction processing is essential to customer satisfaction, but many organizations operate in a network of incompatible applications and non-standardized processes.

Wall Street has turned to Python, a programming language, for assistance in bridging the gap among applications. Python is compatible with all major operating systems and is extensible for applications that need a programmable interface. Using Python, a client can make universal changes across systems, as one transaction appears in multiple areas and not as separate entries. Python allows firms to increase productivity.

Our client adopted Python due to its compatibility with C++, Java and .Net, the makeup of most of the client’s applications. Python enabled a single point of entry for each transaction, eliminating the extra work required to create separate entries and manage transactions across multiple global markets. Python’s benefits were immediate, yet the client was challenged with how to begin implementing the programming language. Our client needed assistance managing the following challenges: 

Customizable Training
The client needed a concise, core curriculum that could be delivered in three days. As each user had a varying degree of familiarity with the programming language, coursework had to be tailored to each global office location and skillset. Training was conducted in an instructor-led format.

Worldwide Training
The training curriculum had to meet client needs in multiple locations worldwide, ranging from U.S. offices to offices in Canada, the United Kingdom and Asia.

Full Program Management
The client required assistance with program logistics, including managing course locations, scheduling courses, textbooks, enrollment and evaluations.

The client, already familiar with TEKsystems’ expertise in education and training, contacted TEKsystems to assist with a Python training program. Few vendors offer Python training, and TEKsystems already had Python coursework available. TEKsystems provided full delivery and management of the Python training, including the following components:
  • Needs Assessment
    TEKsystems conducted a detailed review of the client’s environment, timeframe and budget, and we created a tailored curriculum based on the skillset of the audience. TEKsystems combined two of our Python classes to develop a customized three-day course based on the client’s needs for Python and timeframe for education and training coursework. As many users had varying levels of familiarity with Python, TEKsystems developed pre-requisite courses that must be completed before an employee started the Python training. These courses kept the three-day training concise and also ensured all participants had the same baseline of understanding.
  • Instructor Management
    TEKsystems finalized the curriculum, began to schedule classes and identified and certified instructors for the Python classes. We also designated a lead instructor to assist in training and onboarding other instructors. Instructors communicate throughout the education and training program via a designated website designed to manage knowledge transfer across client locations. Instructors also share questions asked, challenges and modifications made throughout the curriculum.
  • Curriculum Management
    TEKsystems assigned an Education Specialist to handle the program’s logistics. The Education Specialist serves as a constant point of contact across all client locations and provides a high level of logistical support. We created a detailed, working document for the client and TEKsystems instructors, to include information on class locations, classroom assignments, textbook requirements, textbook shipping codes, number of enrolled participants and number of wait-listed participants. This document has helped keep the training program on track and ensure alignment between TEKsystems and the client.

TEKsystems managed the training of more than 800 employees in 18 months and led an average of one Python session each week. TEKsystems is able to adapt to the client’s changing needs in educational support and can quickly ramp up the program to accommodate additional classes as needed, such as the client’s new hire training held each fall. The new hire program includes Python training and is held annually in New York City for approximately 150 new employees based in any of the client’s global locations.

TEKsystems also manages the performance reporting aspect of the training program and provides metrics on course quality, instructor feedback and instructor performance. Overall, TEKsystems has increased average student satisfaction scores from an average of 4.3 to approximately 4.4, on a five-point scale (five being the highest score). Student feedback received praises the instructors’ “vast knowledge,” “quality of instruction,” “exceptional instructional style” and left students feeling “inspired to move to the next level.” 

Developing and managing an education and training program in a global environment can be challenging. We found that the following factors helped TEKsystems meet our client’s goals and train as many users as possible:

  • Global Capacity
    TEKsystems was able to scale the educational program globally. We trained and certified instructors and empowered these instructors to share best practices and adapt to the individual client location. By designating a lead instructor to manage the training and onboarding process, we could easily add to staff and expand the course schedule at the client’s request.
  • Extensive Training Catalog
    TEKsystems is an experienced provider of education and training services. The depth of our training program and experience with Python served as a competitive advantage, since we were able to tailor existing content to create a curriculum for our client. TEKsystems’ skill level with the course material enabled us to identify the need for pre-requisite courses and administer these courses prior to beginning Python training.
  • Optimize efficiencies throughout the engagement
    TEKsystems is focused on the development and delivery of custom training solutions for IT professionals and we leverage insight gained from hundreds of client engagements. Our Education Specialist gave us direct access to the client’s needs, schedule and program goals. We were able to modify course content, to include changing labs and addressing student feedback, early in the engagement and provide consistent, knowledgeable support.
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