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Building a robo-brokered retirement application for a global asset management firm


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Custom Application Development for a Global Asset Firm

TEKsystems built a robo-brokered retirement account—also known as a digitally managed account—application to retain market share and mitigate loss of business to passive fund managers.

Client Profile

The client is a global asset management firm headquartered in the U.S., serving more than 45 countries around the world. TEKsystems has partnered with this company since 2002.


Digital technology is impacting and evolving customer expectations of interactions with companies and brands across all industries. Specifically within the institutional retirement and investments sector, there has been a remarkable shift to passive money management where customers look to digital interactions for guidance and advice. To protect loss of market share to these passively managed accounts, our client wanted to integrate a superior digital product into its portfolio to provide discretionary advice in a mass-customized format to investors who are looking for, or need, tailored solutions.

In addition to digitizing this product offering and reducing fees, the client wanted to differentiate itself in the market by building upon its heritage and proven track record in excellence with asset allocation, while deepening relationships with customers through transparency and a frictionless experience. However, the client realized they did not have the capacity or technical expertise to complete this project without external application development support.


After considering buy vs. build approaches, the client decided to build a custom application. They chose to collaborate with long-time partner TEKsystems for application development support based on previous success delivering other projects, including building the client’s iPad and Android mobile applications.

The client wanted a frictionless digital experience and a quick time to market. They also desired an Agile environment with an iterative approach. TEKsystems recommended utilizing our Application Development Services practice to build the user interface (UI) while the client focused their resources on the back-end services, helping to decrease development time and meet their short deadline.

We would close the gaps between the client’s business requirements and programming interface while increasing collaboration between business analysis, user experience and development teams, and providing data capacity expertise, leadership and process management. We would split the release into two phases—first for internal review and then the public launch—to allow time for additional functionality testing and timeliness. We would alleviate the client’s bandwidth on the front end, to allow them to focus resources on the back end. Our team would work closely with the client’s back-end teams to ensure the application’s functionality aligned with the desired capabilities. We would also work with the client’s financial and legal teams to ensure the end product complied with internal and regulatory standards and policies.


TEKsystems built a robo-brokered retirement account—also known as a digitally-managed account—application to mitigate loss of market share to passive fund managers and help secure millions in retained assets.

The final application design offers a quality, responsive user experience and exceeds competitors on both desktop and mobile devices across multiple browsers. Customers are able to experience an engaging, yet simple, interface that is responsive to evolving market trends and regulatory notices. Through the application, the client is able to build deeper relationships with their customers as they can more efficiently manage their account performance and funds.

We were able to adapt to the client’s environment and challenges, and met all of the deadlines on time. We were also able to educate the client’s team on Agile practices to help them speed their development processes moving forward. The client’s business is now more empowered within the digital space of their industry, presenting quality solutions while differentiating in a competitive market.

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