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Building Mobile Applications for a Global Entertainment Company


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TEKsystems helped a global entertainment company build out their mobile development capabilities, allowing them to produce mobile applications in-house. Thus far, we have supported the development of five mobile applications that have improved the customer experience, generated millions in revenue and mitigated risk associated with third-party applications.

Client Profile

Headquartered in California, our client is a Fortune 500 global entertainment conglomerate. TEKsystems has supported this client in multiple markets since 1997.

Technologies Supported

Native Android and iOS mobile application development, including Java, Objective-C, Swift and Xcode


Our client wanted to build a mobile application that would provide customers with information on wait times, restaurant reservations and venue events. The application would be a critical component of the customer experience, as it would impact the individual customer experience as well as crowd flow.

The client outsourced the mobile development project to a large outside integrator, but was unsatisfied with the quality of the application they received. The app was unsuccessful, and customers instead were downloading third-party apps to help them through their venue experience. This presented several risks for our client. A lackluster application, whether distributed by our client or a third party, could tarnish the customer experience and potentially hinder repeat visits, impact the company’s reputation and, overall, decrease revenue. Plus, use of third-party applications meant that our client lacked control of their brand and direct communication to customers.

The client decided to bring the project in-house and required support to build out their internal mobile development capabilities. They needed to quickly build a team in Seattle, but did not have the budget to hire full-time employees in the high volume the project demanded. They first reached out to several integrators, but were disappointed with the low number of qualified candidates they were receiving.

Based on our nearly 20-year partnership with the client in other markets, TEKsystems was invited along with 13 other staffing providers to respond to the client’s first batch of position openings. Through this competitive bidding process, it became evident that TEKsystems was the only staffing provider that could deliver the quality and quantity of candidates the client needed, and we were ultimately selected as the primary staffing vendor for this project.


To help our client build native mobile applications, we first met with several key client stakeholders to understand the current and future state of their team and application landscape. It was important for us to identify the client’s technical gaps and what skills were truly required.

Through these meetings we came to also understand how critical this initiative was to the client’s business. It was a highly visible project internally and externally—the mobile application would be the face of their venues. Adding to the pressure was the fact that the project would be a major undertaking (given the application required a complete rewrite and rebuild from the ground up). We could not just provide any developer—our client needed experienced mobile developers who had built this type of application in the past and were skilled in APIs, Google Maps or front-end framework.

To ensure we were delivering the highest quality talent, we put each candidate through a thorough screening process, including solid reference checks and previsors that enabled us to confirm candidates’ technical capabilities. Moreover, our recruiters researched candidates’ previous application work, including how well their applications had performed in the marketplace.

Our attraction and retention approach was highly collaborative. In addition to our local market network, we leveraged multiple methods of alternative delivery, including our sub-vendor partners, our Phoenix Delivery Center, our National Recruiting Center and active-consultant referrals.


Thus far, TEKsystems has provided our client with more than 60 IT professionals—including mobile application developers, QA testers and project managers—enabling them to build five successful Scrum teams to develop first-class applications from start to finish for each of its five global venues.

Within four weeks (and without a marketing campaign) the application for their premier venue generated $10 million in revenue. Moreover, there were no crashes or bug defects within that period. The application has not only recovered all expenses for the build, but has also helped drive customer spending in their venues by 4 percent per customer.

Building an internal mobile development Center of Excellence has allowed our client to take full control of their brand reputation and communicate in real time while customers are in their venues, and it has positioned them to avoid issues associated with failed apps (e.g., low downloads, poor reviews, lack of revenue). Our commitment to understanding the client’s business goals—and keeping them in mind throughout the project—has been key to the success of this partnership.

TEKsystems continues to support the client’s mobile development talent capabilities. Our continued performance and partnership has led us to be considered a true services partner in the client’s Seattle office as well as in multiple markets across the globe.

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