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Supporting a Canadian Utility’s ERP Implementation

Energy and Utilities | Applications Staffing


One of the largest electric utilities in Western Canada seeks TEKsystems staff augmentation services to support its mission-critical ERP implementation.

As one of the largest electric utilities in Western Canada and one of North America’s leading providers, this client operates 30 hydroelectric facilities and three natural gas-fueled thermal power plants. It provides clean, renewable energy to approximately 95 percent of the province’s population and approximately 1.8 million customers. TEKsystems has been a staffing partner since 2001.

SAP® ERP System, ERP software

The client was using a “best of breed” ERP strategy that utilized several outdated ERP systems. Due to ongoing integration issues and a need to upgrade, the company decided to consolidate to a single, centralized ERP system. For this initiative, the company wanted to use a blended contractor approach as opposed to engaging a systems integrator and released a formal RFP to identify potential vendors to provide the needed resources to address the implementation of its newly chosen SAP® ERP system.

After a careful selection process, the client moved toward a qualified IT vendor list, and TEKsystems––along with 12 other vendors––was added to its Qualified SAP® Vendor List and asked to provide individual, independent SAP® consultants that it could hand pick, interview and add to its project team. In this scenario, the direct manager created role requirements and sent them to its procurement office and procurement would then invite vendors to submit their top two candidates. TEKsystems’ candidates competed against candidates from each of the other vendors, consistently coming up on top, chiefly due to the quality of our high-end consultants and our proprietary Staffing Quality Process®. We ultimately helped fill 16 roles that were critical to the system implementation.

TEKsystems first helped craft a plan for migration away from the client’s existing PeopleSoft system to its new SAP® FI/CO migration. We also provided the client with a direct placement hire for a project manager responsible for governing this project from a strategic level. With the support of TEKsystems, the client decided to move forward with four SAP® modules:

Financial Systems Replacement (FSR)
To support this module, TEKsystems placed eight SAP® consultants that included four functional consultants, a controlling specialist, one sales and distribution (SD) consultant, a project systems specialist, and an integration specialist. We also deployed a change management specialist responsible for gathering requirements and performing an evaluation of the business. We then placed two ABAP developers who performed coding to ensure a smooth transition from the legacy system to the new system. A second project manager worked in conjunction with a data architect throughout the testing and go-live phases. Post-implementation, TEKsystems placed two SAP® uPerform training developers on the team who created custom documentation for end-user training and ultimately delivered the instructor-led training.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
The client required a more robust ERP system capable of handling complex scheduling, tracking and reporting. It also needed to provide a deeper level of visibility into its corporate spending to satisfy shareholders and public interest. This module was integrated with the financial system to govern controlling and scheduling, as well as tracking and cost management for the company’s large, critical multi­-million dollar, multi-year projects. Fifteen consultants were placed by TEKsystems in support of this module including a contracts manager, business process lead, two projects systems consultants, five business process redesign analysts, a senior solutions architect, a Primavera consultant, one XRPM consultant, a Java API developer and two IT generalists. 

PSW (Plan – Schedule – Work) Work Management
This module aids management’s ability to govern the thousands of employees working in the client’s field operations group. This system automates asset management tracking for tools and equipment, as well as electronic work orders and progress tracking previously handled by a paper-based system. TEKsystems successfully placed a small design team, one dedicated consultant and two solution architects with WM-specific experience. This team will ramp up to 20+ deployments over the life of the project. 

Human Capital Management (HCM)
As SAP®’s HR module, this is a critical component that is currently in the early design phase. Staffing requirements for this module include one business process consultant, one project manager, one time consultant, a payroll techno-functional consultant and an eRecruit specialist in charge of promoting the module for use by internal recruiters.

The client is on its way to achieving the successful design, build and implementation of a robust ERP system. Under the client’s “blended vendor” model, 95 roles were released to TEKsystems and twelve additional vendors. Each vendor was asked to submit no more than three candidates for each open req.  In all, TEKsystems presented 131 for these 95 roles and an impressive 83 interviews were granted to these TEKsystems candidates.  TEKsystems was ultimately selected by the client to place 38 of the 95 resources needed, resulting in a 40 percent win rate over the other 12 vendors. This proves that, even in a blended vendor model, TEKsystems has the unrivaled ability to emerge ahead of the competition.

Although this project is still underway, it is currently operating on time and within budget, and our team is already producing notable gains for the client. To date, TEKsystems has placed 38 consultants who have seamlessly assimilated into the client’s broader team of consultants. The TEKsystems placements have been cited as being of the highest caliber and are performing well beyond client expectations.

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