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Providing Scalable Support for a Leading Security Systems Provider

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For over a decade, a leading security systems provider has partnered with TEKsystems to meet its business needs and enhance its ability to provide service installation and support efficiently and cost effectively.

Client Profile

Headquartered in the Southeast, our client provides high-quality security systems to residential, commercial and small-to-medium business customers across the U.S. and Canada. TEKsystems has partnered with this client since 2005.

Skill Set Provided

Security system installation technicians (residential and commercial), Security system service technicians (residential and commercial), Project coordinators


Similar to many industries, the demand for our client’s services (i.e., installation and service for security systems) fluctuates greatly due to varying factors, such as successful marketing campaigns, housing builds and the economy. During peak demand periods, our client had to rely heavily on internal employees and multiple local sub-contractors in each market to install and provide system support in a reasonable time frame. To keep up with demand, some markets were leveraging up to 12 sub-contractor companies at a time, resulting in vendor management, consultant consistency and compliance challenges. It was also very difficult to optimize technician utilization.

It was particularly important to the client that they had high-quality technicians in every market. Technicians are often the most frequent, and sometimes only, in-person interaction their customers have with the company. Their technicians needed to be well-presented, reliable and have good customer service skills. Plus, technicians enter customers’ homes, so they also needed to be responsible and trustworthy. With so many sub-contractors in use by the company across multiple markets, consistency in quality was very difficult to manage.

The client sought a national partner that could support them in multiple markets, ensure consistent quality and meet the evolving technology demands that the residential and commercial security services industry faces.


In 2005, the client selected TEKsystems to meet their installation and service technician needs. Compared to the client’s numerous sub-contractors that were narrowly focused on security systems, our background encompasses a breadth of IT competencies. The client also recognized us as a reliable partner because of our proven and effective Staffing Quality Process® flexible delivery model and presence in over 100 markets. The client was confident that we could meet their fluctuating demand—and were excited that we also had the ability to convert consultants to full-time employees, should the client choose to, which previous sub-contractors were unable to do.

TEKsystems became a preferred partner in 2008. Our presence at the company has evolved significantly throughout our partnership, as have the skill sets we provide; the industry has transitioned from hardwired to wireless systems—a major transformation requiring a host of different skill sets.

Screening is a critical part of our partnership. Our local market presence across the U.S. has helped us source, screen and deploy high-quality technicians in more than 40 of our client’s locations, eliminating the need to partner with multiple sub-contractors. This also enables our team to meet, interview and screen consultants in person, which is essential in determining their interpersonal skills and has been critical to our continued success in finding quality, trusted technicians. From a technical perspective, our recruiting team is familiar with the security panels, so we are able to ask basic technical questions to gauge a candidate’s understanding of the systems and if they will require minimal training to get started. We also leverage an effective referral network from current technicians.

TEKsystems has also invested in becoming experts in each state’s licensing structure, knowing exactly what a state requires of technicians to perform these services. At a minimum, we perform background checks to meet all states’ licensing requirements, as well as drug screens and DMV checks. Some states also require additional screenings and processes (e.g., fingerprinting). Our diligence ensures compliance and mitigates legal risk.


Currently, we are the client’s largest technician staffing provider, meeting their talent needs in approximately 40 markets. At our highest peak, we were providing almost 400 technicians, which equated to about one-third of their entire workforce. We have also converted over 175 technicians to full-time employees in the past two years.

We have helped our client meet peak demand during several significant initiatives so they could meet the needs of new and current customers:

Major mergers and acquisitions

We helped our client through two major merger and acquisitions. When the companies were integrating, there were changes in organizational structure and rehire eligibility, which caused technician turnover. This led to a doubled sales force without a service workforce to match. Moreover, there was an increase in service needs as the customers of the acquired/merged companies needed equipment upgrades in order for their systems to communicate with our client’s central station.

Successful marketing campaign

In 2014, our client had a highly successful marketing campaign which brought in a significant number of new customers and subsequently, record sales.

New lines of business

During our partnership, our client extended their services by providing security systems for commercial and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Technology upgrades

Due to industry pressures and technology advancements, our client has engaged in two large-scale technology upgrades since 2008. These upgrades were required to maintain continued service for their customers, and TEKsystems was able to consistently deliver on these projects to ensure completion within the set time frame.

Our partnership has been successful because we understand and help our client reach their goals:

Cost efficiency

We have helped our client optimize resource utilization. They can lean on our support during peak-demand periods without having to hire additional full-time staff, eliminating the need for a more long-term investment (i.e., hiring full-time staff) in response to a short-term need.

Revenue growth

More installations equal more revenue for our client. For example, if one day we have 130 installation technicians performing two installations, which bring in an average service cost of $50 per month, then our support has added an estimated $13,000 into the client’s revenue stream for that day.

Improved service

Our client measures success by mean time to install and mean time to repair. When those numbers start to rise, we are brought in to provide additional support, and that support is a major factor in reducing installation and repair times. For example, the industry customer attrition rate is 4 to 5 days; after that, if they have not received their requested installation or repair, customers start to cancel. By stabilizing installation and service time, we help reduce customer attrition.

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