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Improving Customer Cycle Time to Capture Unrealized Revenue

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Upon reorganizing, centralizing and physically relocating its outside plant (OSP) design team to Dallas, the client was having difficulty rebuilding the team and grew increasingly dependent on outside design firms to fulfill design orders. Some of these firms were submitting incomplete or inaccurate design solutions further impacting the client’s ability to realize revenue.

Client Profile

Headquartered in New York, the client is a large telecommunications company providing high-speed data services, video and music programming, communications, and voice services to more than 15 million business and residential customers in the U.S.

Skill Sets Provided

AutoCAD, MicroStation V8i, Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) design


The client, a major telecommunications organization, was in the midst of an organizational restructuring. Its OSP design function was being migrated from the West to Central region. Due to the backlog of design orders that did not meet client standards, TEKsystems was engaged to provide a solution to reduce cycle time on the implementation of design orders.

At the same time, one of the client’s competitor telecommunications organizations was offering more bandwidth at a significantly lower price for commercial businesses, compared to our client. Feeling the competitive pressures, the client needed to complete its HFC design orders on time to eliminate loss of its current customer base to the rival telecomm company. But with the transition to the Central region with significantly fewer designers on staff at the new location, the client started to fall behind on their design orders, eventually achieving a backlog of 5,000 HFC design orders—and this continued to plummet at a rate of 200 additional orders per week.

The client had never worked with an IT staffing provider in the past and was reluctant to start now, as they were not fully aware of the scope of services such a provider could deliver. However, the West region manager saw the growing backlog and recommended TEKsystems. The manager was familiar with TEKsystems and our IT staffing expertise and trusted we could deliver on these difficult-to-reach skill sets.


TEKsystems approached the client with a plan to source and retain designers in order to start building up the team in Dallas. The designers would be responsible for outside plant design, designing the networks, fiber for cable TV, phone systems and Internet. As such, qualified professionals would need AutoCAD and MicroStation V8i skills as well as experience working with cable—all of which were hard-to-find skill sets among the pool of Dallas candidates.

Notably, TEKsystems has a Dallas Solution Center (DSC) located in Irving, Texas, further demonstrating our localized expertise in the metropolitan area. We would leverage this center to deliver a co-sourced model that would enable us to scale our support as project needs evolve. We would attract and secure a qualified team of professionals with the design skills needed to support the client’s growing backlog of HFC design orders. Given our proven, proprietary Staffing Quality Process®, our continuous improvement methodology and more than 30 years of experience, the client engaged TEKsystems to provide this support.


Within the first six months alone, TEKsystems’ Telecommunications Staffing team built a team of approximately 30 designers, significantly outperforming the client’s HR and internal recruiting team. We also provided data analysts and project coordinators.

After just one year of partnering with TEKsystems, we were able to eliminate the growing backlog of 5,000 design orders, worth an estimated $15 to $20 million in revenue that the client was not able to realize with the backlog of incomplete orders. With the support of TEKsystems Global Services® from a quality control standpoint, our team achieved a quality rate of approximately 98 percent fulfilling the backlog orders. We performed round-the-clock quality control of engineering diagrams to improve production outputs. Ultimately, the client was pleased with our progress and the quality of our people and sought to expand our scope in the Dallas area to start performing HFC design as an overflow vendor.

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