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Delivering Network Engineering Support for a Telecommunications Organization

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In order to enhance its ability to support business growth, a large telecommunications organization engaged TEKsystems to source and retain qualified IT professionals for its network augmentation group. The TEKsystems team upgraded the client’s antiquated network equipment, subsequently migrating customer traffic to a newer, faster network. 

Client Profile

Headquartered in the Southeast, the client is a large telecommunications company that provides Internet, television and voice services to residential and business customers across the U.S. TEKsystems has delivered IT support to this client since 1999.

Skill Sets Provided

Cisco Certified Network Administrators (CCNAs), Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNPs), Developers, Network engineers


Carriers in the telecommunications space feel heightened pressure to meet expectations from the marketplace. Customers expect to save money, and increase the speed and bandwidth of their voice, data and cable television services. Meeting and exceeding these expectations is how service providers stay relevant, differentiate themselves from competitors and generate buy-in from customers.

The client, a telecommunications organization, had aging equipment in its network. In order to remain competitive and meet customer demands, the client needed to introduce new equipment to make their Internet services faster.

Lacking the required skill sets to accomplish this goal, the client turned to their internal recruiting team to find qualified network engineers. However, their recruiting team was delivering engineers who were under qualified or had mismatched skill sets. The client sought the support of a third-party IT staffing and services  provider who could source and retain qualified network engineers to join the client’s network augmentation group. Without the right people, the client could realize negative impacts, including exhausted resource bandwidth, an unstable network, and delays in completing new orders and introducing new services to customers.

The third-party partner of choice would face one key difficulty: location. The network engineering group operated out of the client’s headquarters in a less populated area in the Southeast. Not only did the area have a small local talent pool to choose from, but it was also a difficult location to attract talent from out of town. The partner of choice would need to work against this challenge to provide high-quality IT professionals with engineering expertise.


Leveraging our proprietary Staffing Quality Process®, TEKsystems would source and retain the optimal talent required for the client’s network engineering effort. Throughout this partnership, we would be prepared to ramp up or down the number of resources as project demands shift.

Our field offices dedicated to the region would take the time to understand the local market and what IT professionals nearby look for in job opportunities. To that end, we would also meet with the client on a regular basis to ensure we are consistently aligned with their priorities and understand what they are looking for in candidates.

To generate interest and ultimately attract top talent to the area, we would develop an effective employee value proposition (EVP). Along with our compelling EVP, we would tap into our massive network of IT professionals, including 81 percent of the domestic workforce to source, screen and retain the best-fit network engineers for this engagement. Using our robust screening process, we would retain qualified candidates who would meet the skill requirements and would also be a good cultural fit at the telecommunications provider.

Based on our credibility backed by more than 30 years of experience delivering IT staffing services, and our solid history with the client, including support in more than 20 U.S. states, TEKsystems was selected to support this engagement.


TEKsystems successfully delivered high-quality IT talent with the required telecommunications skill sets to support the client’s network augmentation group. The level of skill we provided was based on the current needs of the client at that point in time, and we placed various job titles, including entry level Cisco Certified Network Administrators (CCNAs) to more senior network engineers.

The client has partnered with us on this network engineering effort for more than four years now, including two years where we were the exclusive partner of choice. Since initiating our telecommunications staffing services for the client’s network augmentation group, we have placed about 130 people, including approximately 70 people who have converted to full-time employees at the client—indicating they were very satisfied with the caliber of our people.

Developing an EVP was critical to overcoming the challenges that geography posed. We knew we needed to cast a wider net and appeal to IT professionals outside the client’s local area. TEKsystems was able to offer higher pay for anyone outside of the 50-mile radius around the client site. We also agreed upon a shorter cycle of temporary to permanent hiring, where we could convert the right people from temporary to permanent in a 4.5 month timeframe. Many placements stayed with the client for longer than that.

The resources we have provided have assisted with the implementation of all new equipment to increase the speed of the client’s high-speed Internet offering, which includes voice, cloud, cable television and security services. By replacing outdated, antiquated equipment, our network engineering resources have enabled the client to deliver improved, faster services to their customers and end users. In turn, this has helped increase revenue for the client.

Partnering with TEKsystems over the long term has provided many advantages. Because we are very familiar with the organization and this network engineering effort, our people are able to help train and onboard any new IT professionals joining the team, driving knowledge transfer, and training and time efficiencies.

The client has appreciated our commitment to building a lasting business relationship and knows we are a great fit for their needs. For example, they put great value on face-to-face meetings and interactions. We consistently make on-site visits to meet with client stakeholders, gauge satisfaction with our people and determine any pain points they are experiencing that we can help resolve. Our partnership has continued to strengthen over this long-term staff augmentation effort, and we continue to explore opportunities to help the client navigate their IT initiatives in a narrow market.

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