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The Road to Better Data

A Story of Owning Change

Transportation and logistics company picks up the pace with their data using BigQuery on Google Cloud

The Road to Better Data

Owning Change in Transportation

Our customer, a Fortune 500 transportation and logistics company, has delivered excellence in supply chain solutions throughout North America for over 60 years. Their desired destination? Improved efficiency. The route? Modernizing their legacy data platform to Google Cloud’s data warehouse, BigQuery.

The Road to Better Data

The Challenge: Data Availability You Can Drive Home

BigQuery Data Migration

Miles ahead of the competition, our customer is always seeking new ways to improve—it’s part of the reason why their customers keep coming back. What fuels their best-in-class service? Their data, including all the details of orders, shipments and loads supporting the supply chain. They were ready to improve the availability, accuracy and security of their data.

By migrating from an on-premises enterprise data warehouse to a cloud data warehouse like BigQuery, we could give better visibility and service to their customers and partners by:

  • Providing near-real-time data to end users
  • Pulling information into multiple reporting tools
  • Scaling up storage to hold volumes of information
  • Reducing latency time
  • Enabling faster refreshes to under two hours
  • Protecting personally identifiable information with row-level security

The resolution needed to optimize costs and security details and eliminate duplicate records while identifying useful data. They sought a serverless alternative capable of processing terabytes of data in seconds and petabytes within minutes. All without losing access to files on their legacy platform while transitioning. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Revving the Engine to Race Forward

Data Migration Plan and Testing for Google Cloud

During a pilot phase with the customer, they identified what they wanted in their data migration and data analytics. And we listened. Because of our 15-year relationship with the customer and our expertise as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we rolled up our sleeves and got right to work. With a strategy driven by BigQuery, optimization and data modeling, we reviewed their enterprise data warehouse and performed an analysis to ensure all resources were available. We prepared a project backlog and a migration plan, including a migration pilot to test our theories.

BigQuery would boost their processing speed, as a column-based storage service would eliminate evaluating data, row by row. Instead, our customer could look at specific columns they wanted to target. Another benefit? Cost optimization. By implementing BigQuery, they could assess use cases to avoid redundant storage, have additional backup of data sets and use streaming to assist in real-time analytics.

Powerful Partnership: Keeping Our Customer in the Driver’s Seat

Communication, Collaboration and Troubleshooting for Better Data

Productivity, focus, optimization—we’re in it together. We worked in tandem with our customer through daily standup meetings and monthly steering committee meetings. We provided them flexibility to ensure the results met their needs. Our close collaboration enabled our customer to organize and transfer data quickly and efficiently with no downtime for end users.

We approached this as a journey together, not one-sided. We helped build it and then delivered it to the customer. It was a hand-in-hand project and by focusing on that, we all won.

Clinton Hughes, Customer Success Leader, TEKsystems Global Services

The Road to Better Data

Real-World Results

Our customer used BigQuery to create better targeted data queries and improve operational efficiency, while also eliminating technical debt. Now, they could consume data quickly from anywhere and use it for data reports, reduce lag times and find valuable data easily. This saved them time and resulted in reduced operating costs. Using data to fast-track into the future.

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