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A Snapshot of Support in the Digital Workplace

A Story of Owning Change

Nascent social media company develops scalable IT support for improved end-user experience and business growth


service desk customer satisfaction


reduction in ticket age, resolving end-user issues to improve productivity

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Owning Change in Social Media

The social media company changed the game with the release of their application. With over 75 million monthly users, this app reinvented how we express ourselves and share our lives with others.

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The Challenge: Scaling in Burst Mode

Advancing IT Operations for Sustainable Business Growth

As an emerging company with a popular application, our customer wanted to ensure their success would outlive the hype cycle and their people, processes and technology were ready for their growth. Ready for what’s next.

Picture this:

  • Mature IT operations backed by tried-and-tested processes
  • Thousands of employees supported, from the main office to the C-suite
  • Success defined by metrics that matter, fostering business continuity
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The new company aimed for long-term stability and profitability. They ultimately wanted to bring IT operations back in-house one day, supported by the right processes and technology. They sought a consultative collaborator aligned to their goals and flexible enough to grow with them. A team with effective governance experience to help them sustainably scale their business while minimizing disruption. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Focus on the End-User Experience

Digital Workplace Services to Promote Workforce Productivity

Start with a wide-angle lens. We took a holistic view of our customer’s business to identify where processes and governance could best serve scalable growth and business continuity. We tasked a quality analyst with reviewing ticket quality assurance and identifying areas to optimize performance—keeping a pulse on how to best support the business. With service-level agreements (SLAs) prioritizing end-user satisfaction, productivity and continuous improvement, our expert practitioners got to work with digital workplace solutions:

  • Modern Endpoint Management: Using asset life cycle management to help new employees get the equipment, access and onboarding to hit the ground running.
  • Digital Service Desk: Providing chat support and escalation support to solve tech problems quickly and keep employees productive and focused.
  • Field Services: Empowering their workforce with TechLounge—real-time, on-premises walk-up support—and connecting teams with AV servicing in conference rooms from coast to coast.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, TEKsystems shifted to a virtual support model that provided rapid response for the newly remote workforce. Streamlining digital service desk and TechLounge, we added a dedicated customer support channel to preserve the high-touch, white-glove service the employees expected. The transition from the in-office to virtual support model was seamless. No downtime or service delays—the team solved issues in under an hour.

With our support, our customer met the moment and kept the full team during the pandemic. We took this time to upskill and challenge team members to pursue industry certifications that could help them better serve the environment and meet new demands. The company came out of lockdown with a higher-skilled workforce powering an evolved support model.

Powerful Partnership: Zoom In

Setting Trends and Setting Standards for IT Operations

Thinking about the bigger picture. Our customer is deeply invested in their employees and expects the same from their partners in transformation. The people-first company sought a team that met them where they were, understood their business goals and integrated into their culture. They wanted to enlist a partner that could build a team of talented people with different points of view. One that more closely resembled their customers and the world around them.

Our customer had already been working with us for two years, and during that time, they saw our ability to build and manage great teams, taking care of our own. They trusted TEKsystems to build a solution made to last, one that would help realize the distant vision of one day having IT operations fully in-house with a high-quality team nurturing their thriving culture. Backed by our proven sourcing strategy and massive network of over 80% of the domestic IT workforce, we built a high-performance team of sharp thinkers and problem solvers across diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Revamped ticket quality triage process that within first year led to improvement of


Company grew and increased stock price within three years by


Colleagues at a social media company collaborating around a computer.

Real-World Results

We don’t just hold ourselves to high standard—we raise it. We revamped the ticket quality triage process to establish a true baseline and attained 30% improvement on those new standards within one year of introduction. Never settling, our team constantly challenged ourselves and our customer to unlock what’s possible.

With 98% SLA attainment in the first year, we continued to work together to refine our SLAs and raise the bar. Working side by side with TEKsystems, our customer reduced the average time to resolution by 44% for service desk and walk-up support. With the end-user experience at the forefront, our customer increased their customer satisfaction score from 90% to 95% for both service desk and walk-up support.

Leveraging TEKsystems as an outsourced provider in the organization’s cost center allowed our customer the financial freedom to be aggressive in investments elsewhere and pursue business growth and profitability. Over the course of the three-year engagement, the company boosted their profitability, illustrated by a stock price increase of 89%.

How do we capture the power of true partnership? Our customer reached a level of profitability to achieve their vision of bringing IT operations back in-house with the team that had been immersed in their culture for the past three years on this project—the cohort intentionally built with experts from different backgrounds and perspectives, supported to grow and thrive within our work together.

A supported workforce powers innovation. Business continuity and stability make room for a close-up on new ideas at work. Flexibility to grow their business and try new things. Flash-forward to using emerging technologies to elevate their customer experience and accessibility. Extra bandwidth to bring their values into frame with a multiyear, enterprise-wide effort to build a better world. We’re proud to have been a part of our customer’s transformation story.

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