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Enabling Enterprise-Wide Automation

A Story of Owning Change

Managed care provider streamlines their internal IT operations by leveraging the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

2-3 month

reduction in server build turnaround time


reduction in hours of
manual effort


potential ROI over
three years

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Owning Change in Healthcare

Managed care provider streamlines their internal IT operations by leveraging the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

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The Challenge: Growing Pains

Adopting Ansible to Relieve Technical Debt

When a business experiences rapid growth, there’s an art to making the most of it while maintaining the integrity of internal systems. The healthcare provider prioritized the technical needs of their customers while they expanded, taking on technical debt to do so. Once things began to calm, they identified a need to streamline their IT operations to address the spike in demand for technical support. At the same time, they also needed to set aside resources to tackle compliance requirements for provider service regulations. They ultimately wanted to reduce the turnaround time for server builds and decrease the need for human input so their engineers could focus on more strategic work.

Implementing automation through the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) was the best path forward, as it would give our customer the power to consolidate all their solutions in one place. But widespread adoption of automation at this scale would require a phasic approach with guidance from a skilled partner. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Repeatable Processes, Immediate Benefits

Optimizing Windows Server Builds

Because this was the start of a larger effort to implement automation across the business, we began with one critical integration: a proof of concept to showcase the value of AAP. Our customer had a team responsible for building server environments for service design requests through ServiceNow. Manually building and patching these environments was a months-long process, one that our customer knew was ripe for automation. We deployed a team of DevOps experts to work with our customer’s operations leaders, helping them map an automation enablement framework according to best practices.

Once they had their execution plan in place, we supported them through the implementation process. We built out documentation defining the framework architecture, helped align expectations and excited other teams with the idea of bringing automation to their departments.

Powerful Partnership: Leading by Example

Encouraging Automation Across Teams

Our customer wanted a certified Red Hat partner to come in and serve as a spokesperson for automation. When they invested in Red Hat Ansible, they knew there would be a mountain of progress to be made if they committed to upskilling their own workforce and democratizing access to the tools.

To make that happen, we provided DevOps experts to work with the customer’s Infrastructure and Operations team. There were daily calls and biweekly meetings with stakeholders to report on progress. As the frameworks we built were put into action, the individuals we worked with became enthusiastic proponents of wider adoption of automation.

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Real-World Results

Perfecting the infrastructure automation process had immediate benefits. We were able to reduce the sever build turnaround time from months to just weeks, perfecting a repeatable process that would lead to increased scalability for future growth. Fewer delays, enhanced performance. The time they save on manual labor can be put right into tackling the technical debt that amounted during their recent years of rapid growth, especially now that we’ve helped them complete their compliance requirements on deadline.

By guiding them through their first major milestone, the automation framework for their server team, we have enabled them to move forward with confidence for all future AAP projects. They have all the tools and knowledge needed to build a self-sustaining workforce. As more teams utilize automation in their processes, our customer can continue to optimize their workflows across all areas of the business.

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