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Bolstering Patient Care with Digital Support

A Story of Owning Change

Healthcare provider uses help desk and business management support to empower clinicians to improve patient care.


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Owning Change in Physical Therapy

As health and wellness leaders focused on taking their industry to new heights, our customer leverages technology for business efficiency to prioritize what’s most important to them: patient care. Their forward-thinking approach drew them to digital workplace solutions that increase healthcare access and improve reliability through world-class service desk and app support. Once built, TEKsystems’ solution optimized services for their 900+ clinic locations.

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The Challenge: Empowering Healthcare

Tailored IT Operations to Serve Clinicians and Business Managers

Our customer invested in the front door of patient care by providing rapid service to physical therapists without taking time away from clinical work. They sought to improve service desk functionality and to expand support into applications, business and HR channels. Strength and stability through the backbone of the workplace is their foundation. Responsive and flexible to the next challenges.

This comprehensive ecosystem would resonate strength and stability throughout the workplace, but also provide a responsive and flexible environment to meet any challenges ahead.

Their vision:

  • Mature IT operations backed by reliable processes
  • Support more than 5,000 physical therapists and management staff
  • Identify metrics that drive business success

Our customer wanted to move away from in-house services to pursue a partnership that could help them off-load administrative work currently bogging down staff. The remedy? A results-driven, offsite collaborator who aligned with their goals and delivered a wide range of support coupled with rapid problem-solving; an experienced team who tailored their services to sustainably scale the business and healthy outcomes while minimizing disruption. On top of that, our customer sought a team experienced with implementing solutions in clinical settings, but who were also sensitive to data privacy and could provide white glove treatment. They wanted to enlist a partner who could hit the ground running, setting the stage for long-term growth. We jumped right in.

Our Solution: Holistic Streamlining

Digital Workplace Services and Offshore Support

When this partnership began, our team analyzed the business from a bird’s eye view to deliver scaled service desk support. We soon expanded into applications, business and HR functions. By prioritizing end-user satisfaction and cost reduction through manageable, continual improvement, we launched digital workplace solutions:

  • Management: Transferred services offshore while scaling and streamlining support.
  • Digital Service Desk: Provided chat support directly to the clinic directors and physical therapists in the field to boost productivity and retain the focus on patient care.

Even as help desk services shifted offsite, our delivery team formed specialized teams trained to respond quickly. By forecasting changes in the industry, we were well-prepared to face new technology changes and the shift to remote work during the pandemic. This foresight and flexibility allowed us to successfully adapt to the needs of a growing company while both decreasing costs and boosting efficiency simultaneously. The minute they reopened their facilities, we remained nimble and quickly rescaled services.

Powerful Partnership: Modernizing Healthcare

Elevating Industry Standards for Health IT Operations

Our customer is committed to quality rehabilitative care, and they’ve invested in modernizing their processes using technology. For the past four years, they trusted TEKsystems to deliver practical but progressive results catered to their healthcare needs. TEKsystems sustainably transitioned help desk services and business management offsite. Backed by our proven sourcing strategy and massive network of over 80% of the domestic IT workforce, they felt confident in our ability to produce a high-performance team of sharp thinkers and problem solvers.

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Real-World Results

Our successful partnership has provided a sense of ease and satisfaction to clinicians and business managers alike. We drove transformation and raised the bar, producing metrics that far exceeded industry standards. Averaging just 43 seconds to resolve calls and minimizing the call abandonment rate to just 1.3%, we continue to decrease business escalations and deliver focused service.

Providing end-user support with more efficient help desk services and business processes has enabled our customer to add locations with minimal increase in cost or IT staff headcount. They cut the rollout time in half when deploying the technology to all clinic locations.

While hesitation in the industry remains regarding collaboration with offshore services, our offshore teams deliver attentive, quality and efficient services. We’re thrilled to be a part of our customer’s transformation—reaching new heights, together.

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