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A Story of Owning Change

migrating to modern

Embarking on a digital transformation journey to AWS for secure, scalable and economical success


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years of partnership

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Our client is a driven global asset management firm, thoughtfully committed to helping their clients achieve their investment goals. As a progressive organization and industry leader, they view technology as a strategic differentiator for their customers.

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When times called for them to reach an even higher level of performance, we stood at the ready with the experience to plan and execute even the most complex business initiatives. After all, we’d already built a strong relationship with our client—more than 13 years of trusted, value-driven partnership—and had helped build their cloud journeys for different value streams and modern platforms. Together, we set a foundation for the organization to launch forward and take advantage of the capabilities AWS brings to market so when the time came to migrate, it would be successful and seamless.

The proposition: Trailblazing into the new

Customer experiences no longer begin at brick-and-mortar locations—fluid and intuitive digital experiences are what drive business. With a commitment to evolve customer experience and business performance, our client embarked on a multiyear technology modernization initiative to migrate their full application portfolio to the cloud. A migration that would modernize their core technology platforms, prioritizing a retirement application that serves more than 2 million users.

The portfolio’s mass of interconnected applications contained terabytes of information that ran on mainframes, legacy technologies and proprietary, costly servers. To navigate the monolithic design of their data structures, they needed a cloud-based strategy that allowed them to quickly provision data into AWS, with Snowflake as their data platform, while also reducing overall licensing costs.

Our proposal: Full-stack solutions

Their vision—reshape their applications to the cloud to drive customer experience. Our mission— assess their legacy application complexity, current state of technology stack and cloud migration strategy to create a well-defined roadmap and drive business value.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner—with cloud enablement, DevOps and automation, and data analytics and insights expertise—we helped our client migrate their entire complex foundational service layer platform to the cloud. Plus, we addressed business-critical components at every step:

  • Continuous transformation – Helping our client work smarter by rapidly building an AWS-based CI/CD pipeline to orchestrate and accelerate development, testing and deployment.
  • Business and technology security – Strengthening our client’s security chain with role-based AWS identity access management  credential protection.
  • Innovative operations – Delivering supercharged performance through automation, agile transformation and pretested programming tools.
  • Accelerated delivery – Increasing speed to market by leveraging our metadata-driven approach to generate ingestion jobs to load data.

With a focus on data modernization, several AWS cloud computing services were integral parts to their transformation. We also leveraged Docker-in-Docker, GitHub, HashiCorp, Kubernetes, PySpark, Snowflake, Spring Boot, Tableau and Terraform.

Powerful partnership: Continuous collaboration

Now, the only legacy here is that of our ongoing partnership. After helping our client with their first phase of migration, we’re continuing to help them rapidly migrate 30 additional applications in their portfolio to the cloud.

To further advance our client’s development of additional value streams, we created reusable artifacts and processes that they can use to accelerate additional applications and other projects—such as creating baseline configuration templates to increase migration velocity and formalizing a GitFlow branching strategy. Together, we resolved legacy application defects with new technology solutions and coordinated a work-in-progress backlog up to two months in advance. By combining our global delivery model, along with providing 24/7 service support, our client’s digital transformation is streamlined and unstoppable.

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Real-world Results

Modern and economical. Business-centric, yet customer-focused. Efficient and effective. Although we’re only partway through their cloud migration journey, our client has already realized major results.

Through our partnership, our client has reduced their operating risks from using legacy mainframe-based technologies to a modern cloud-based infrastructure, taking advantage of AWS’s cloud resiliency. By incorporating a full stack of technologies with additional capabilities—like self-service reporting using Tableau—our client is experiencing nimble business agility and faster time to market for technology deliverables. They’ve seen a 50% increase in speed to getting their data to Amazon S3 and Snowflake. And through using Python behavior-driven development (BDD), their data quality has improved by 30%. Not only have they advanced their application infrastructure—they’ve empowered their overall business with renewed innovation.

With a roadmap to cloud modernization, our client remains future-focused on providing their customers reliable, delightful experiences.

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