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A Story of Owning Change

Next-Level Learning

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Owning change in technology 

Our client is a global technology conglomerate. Innovation is their legacy—but their people are their future. Which is why our client empowers their employees to prioritize professional development. All so they can be ready for what’s next.

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The proposition:Lead with learning

Our client infuses learning throughout their culture but wanted to take their training program up a notch—their employees citing training as one of their top three motivators. Looking to capitalize on continuous learning and nurturing employee retention, they needed a learning partner that could meet their diverse training needs. The ultimate goal? Provide consistent, high-quality instructor-led and virtual learning solutions to their global workforce to power performance.

Our proposal:Scalable learning

Education, 360°. Backed by a breadth of learning solutions, we helped our client deliver hundreds of virtual and in-person learning courses to their employees across a wide range of technology areas—like big data, DevOps and security—and cutting-edge processes to support major organizational changes, like Agile transformation and cloud enablement.

Experience matters. To ensure training was dynamic, tangible and relevant, we brought instructors with deep technical expertise to influence and teach the curriculum. Courses were led by developers, engineers and analysts who infused their real-world experience to make the courses applicable to real life.

Powerful partnership:Consistency is key

High-quality training meets consistent communication and collaboration. Providing a foundation for accelerated, sustainable adoption to enable long-term success—it’s what we set out to do. And we delivered. In person, virtually and across the world—all with a consistent user experience. Leveraging a dedicated team, we’ve supported our client’s global workforce with consistency across their training program. By understanding their nuances and evolving our partnership, we’ve scaled to help them reach a new level of performance.

IT learning solution books

Real-world Results

Relentlessly reliable. We’re not just a training provider, we’re a continuous partner—we’ve helped our client serve up speed, innovation and impact for the last 14 years. Check the numbers: 175 classes across 60 course offerings, more than 2,200 students trained and a 4.6/ 5 class satisfaction rating. By prioritizing their employees and committing to a strong learning culture, our client is positioned for high performance and improved retention. Now, our client is achieving powerful results for their employees and transforming the way they learn. That’s next-level learning.

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