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A Story of Owning Change

the need for speed

Rapidly implementing award-winning software with end-to-end support


product rollouts completed on time and on budget


decrease in implementation time


more implementations conducted year over year

Doctor and patient review recovery plan on cloud based tablet


Our client has innovation down to a science, spearheading cutting-edge breakthroughs in manufacturing, healthcare and consumer goods to reshape how people live better lives—and how businesses push the limits of possible.

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DNA images integration through DevOps software

The proposition: Full speed ahead

Our client’s best-in-class integration system software provides hospitals across the country with improved, insightful healthcare. From streamlining documentation processes so physicians have faster access to compliant patient data to accelerating billing times, the technology platform enables hospitals to work smarter.

Hospitals were eager to seize the power of the platform, but our client had a limited internal team to complete the backlog of implementations. The gap meant awaiting hospitals couldn’t reap the benefits of the new platform as soon as they’d like—not to mention delayed revenue for our client.

Our client needed a partner with a cure.

Our proposal: Accelerated action

We partnered together to transform their implementation operations and inject efficiency. Leveraging a systematic product implementation methodology, we helped implement their software more rapidly, reducing time to market and drastically increasing the frequency of new implementations. After standardizing customer agreements, we also provided transparent and accurate financial forecasting based on a defined implementation schedule, so they could better anticipate revenue in.

Through on-site deployment, configuration and integration, we ensured their software got up and running without any kinks. Implementing during off-hours meant less disruption to patient care and hospital operations. In addition, we aided user adoption through training and post go-live support for an end-to-end solution.

Powerful partnership: Future flexible

Our client’s initial vision was to implement their software faster for their customers. But partnership is the key to long-term success. We evolved to support our client’s service desk and built a multi tiered service team to resolve their more than 800 software-specific ticket backlog—and any new incoming web-based software tickets. We closed nearly 300 tickets per month, enabling our client to reduce their ticket backlog by 73%. Our client was able to achieve record-setting post ticket customer satisfaction survey scores. And we continue to partner, helping our client provide premium support patching and upgrades as needed.

What surprised me the most—and what I would tell others about—is the speed in which TEKsystems Global Services got engaged, got people onboarded and got them up to speed with the [software]. In a very short period of time, they were successfully getting implementations done. In addition, TEKsystems has come back to us with suggestions on how we could improve our process.

Director of Client Services

digital imagery of patient brain.

Real-world Results

By standardizing product implementation, we drove higher levels of efficiency to decrease implementation time by 26%, going from 36 weeks to 26 weeks. Faster implementation means faster benefits for our client’s customers, faster realization of revenue for our client—and more business in the pipeline. Overall, we helped deliver 62.5% more customers year over year to our client, with next year forecasted to increase by another 38.5%.

In the end, our client was able to deliver 125 product rollouts on time and on budget. Increased implementations and faster revenue realized, balanced with a healthy dose of customer satisfaction. That’s the power of real partnership.

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