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A Story of Owning Change


Building powerful applications through a custom learning solution


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A Blue Cross Blue Shield enterprise, our client puts people at the center of everything they do—providing health insurance to over 40 million members. With a focus on superior service and coverage, they’re developing innovative ways to connect to customers—topped with renewed experiences.

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The proposition: A framework for real-world application

Mobile technology is cannonballing businesses into the deep end of digital transformation—offering endless innovative opportunities to reach customers. So when our client wanted to accelerate their digital business, they knew they had to launch a new mobile platform with enhanced functionality. To successfully migrate frameworks, they needed AngularJS developers—an in-demand skill set that isn’t readily available. So they looked for a creative way to fuel their human capital pipeline: a learning methodology sustainable for the future.

Our proposal: Seizing opportunity

We worked with our client to build a program that blended education and experience—leveraging the local talent pool while staying cost-effective in the competitive market. Program participants applied AngularJS developer skills to in-class projects, while strengthening basic developer concepts—like Agile methodology—so they could hit the ground running if they were hired.

With a coding-focused curriculum and evaluation tests to assess learning, aptitude and progress, program participants were primed for real-world application. And with an evaluation layer beyond technical abilities—focusing on leadership traits—they were positioned to thrive as a cultural fit. A perfect match.

Powerful partnership: Activating change

Not only did our client’s new hires help their mobile team transform to a robust Angular framework—empowering them to build more complex applications like a Medicaid mobile app and a member emulation tool—they immediately impacted the overall organization. The selected candidates powered through tasks and were 50 percent as productive as more experienced employees within six months to a year.

After taking into account the costs to build and run the program, and the difference in ramping up the new hires’ skills and productivity, our client still came out $238,000 ahead in the first year of deploying the program. Our client predicts the new hires will generate over $1.2 million in return on their investment in each forthcoming year. They have since launched additional iterations of the program, resulting in greater hiring capacity.

The people coming to us through the program have been energetic, passionate and bright. What a great addition to the team!

Vice President of Digital Technologies

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ROI on repeat. The program continues to create opportunities to accelerate our client’s business by providing a faster, more efficient way to build a sustainable pipeline of potential talent. Program graduates integrate seamlessly and have improved internal business processes, time-to-market for products and innovation for the company.

Our client is achieving powerful results for their customers and transforming their business—all through the success of their unique learning solution. What’s more, we’ve helped improve and build a training program for a sustainable future throughout their other departments. Thinking forward with an innovative team—creating professionals instead of simply hiring them.

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