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A Story of Owning Change


AI and data science reimagine and enhance end-user experience


misclassified non-IT related support requests diverted from service desk


user intent recognition


IT support requests automated

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Our client is a global financial services company, laser-focused on wealth management and investment banking through cutting-edge transformation and seamless service. The goal: modernize the banking experience to deliver next-level service to their end users.

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The proposition: Introduce innovation

What’s a good way to grow global reach and maintain the highest levels of customer support while keeping service desk and conferencing costs in check? Enter artificial intelligence. Introducing AI capabilities into their service desk and conferencing environment would help our client keep IT costs low amidst continuous improvement and innovation.

Our proposal: Brain power

Think virtual. After purchasing IPsoft’s AI software “Amelia,” our client looked to us as a preferred partner to build the brain behind the bot. The vision? Empower the virtual assistant to remediate issues through natural language understanding and automated processes connecting backend systems. How? Neuroscientists, data scientists, computational linguists and client experience pros working together to analyze, test and release Amelia to the masses.

Powerful partnership: Delight, at your service

Just like how live and virtual agents work together to meet user need, together we fine-tuned the intelligence in AI. With end-user empathy at the heart, our neuroscientists studied human nature and nuances then interfaced with the current service desk and modified Amelia to replicate a live agent and resolve routine issues without human involvement. In process, we also identified when more complex issues required escalation to a live agent.

Maintaining a careful eye on Amelia through live end-user sessions ensured she remained personable, humanized and optimized at peak performance. Through steadfast focus on continuous improvement, we triaged, enhanced and managed upgrades to the platform.

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Real-world Results

Virtual transformation, achieved. Historically, our client used voice support to serve their global audience and maintain customer experience standards for IT support. But by implementing Amelia and augmenting human intelligence, they enhanced their end user-support environment and continues to exceed customer expectations. Through our partnership, they’ve innovated beyond banking boundaries to improve operational efficiency, without sacrificing customer service. Remaining in lock-step with business priorities—and end-user expectations.

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