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Energy fuels productivity, efficiency and innovation. One of the nation’s top energy providers needed to power up their end-user support for their employees so they could better serve customers.

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The proposition:A new path forward

In 2012, a large national energy provider acquired a long-time customer of ours where we had served as their service desk partner since 2007. After the acquisition, the energy provider decided the best path forward was to consolidate their legacy off-shore service desk with our on-shore service desk model to reap far-reaching benefits: better communication, issue resolution and overall service.

We led the energy leader, now our client, through a seamless transition to consolidate both support desks and move them to our Baltimore and Dallas Solution Centers. The demands were dynamic and ever-changing—merging multiple, disparate systems and processes all at once. Not a problem. We scaled, kept pace and delivered. Immediately the company had more bandwidth to focus on providing innovative energy solutions to their customers while we owned day-to-day service desk operations and kept resolving end-user issues top of mind.

Our proposal:Picking up speed

To improve issue resolution, we equipped both teams with state-of-the-art, cloud-based IP phone systems to directly access users’ desktops and provide real-time resolution. Direct, real-time access enhanced their response time to normal, day-to-day issues, as well as during high-priority periods—like when the company is responding to customers during regional and national disasters.

With a single-service desk model equipped with modern capabilities, our client increased their efficiency and productivity, achieving a 93.4 percent service desk customer satisfaction rate. Their highly optimized service desk continues to deliver value to end users while growing with the direction of the company.

Powerful partnership: Tapping into the future

Forward-thinking partners through and through, our client’s future is top of mind. We’re consistently exploring and tapping into next-gen technologies to optimize performance. We’re currently partnering with them to incorporate AI-powered technology, like chatbots, to amplify and elevate their end-user support model. With an ever-focused eye on providing superior service—and with industry-leading service desk resolution and mean time-to-resolve rates—employee downtime is significantly reduced, so they can concentrate on projects that move business forward.

I cannot distinguish the TEKsystems team from my own. Your ownership and integration were exceptional.

Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Integrations

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Real-world Results

Our client is better positioned to remain a leader in their industry for the long term. By restructuring and continually optimizing their internal service desk, their employees have more freedom. Freedom to focus on what matters—sustaining growth and profitability in the diversifying and disruptive energy space. Electric impact.

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