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Clarity in the Cloud

A Story of Owning Change

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Owning Change in Healthcare

Our customer is a national nonprofit healthcare system with more than 50 hospitals and over 800 facilities spanning eight states. Their mission? Use cutting-edge innovation to better conduct research and care for the communities they serve.

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The Challenge: Increase Security and Speed

Modernize with Cloud Transformation

In healthcare, disruption is now. Modernizing business operations is a mission-critical task. Given infrastructure constraints, our customer felt empowered to find a cloud-based solution to operate with stronger security and speed. They sought a cloud provider and solutions partner to help their robust research program better handle and process large quantities of data. Their current environment limited what their researchers could achieve. Think network, throughput and security. Enter TEKsystems. Together, we forged ahead to deliver innovative insights at scale.

Our Solution: Seamless Integration

Migrating to Google Cloud Foundations

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we tuned in to understand their full-technology stack. We provided consulting and advisory support around their migration activities to ensure they were successful—and mitigated risk. We partnered to implement Google Cloud Foundations, developing a custom roadmap with multiple phases and seamless integration. We leveraged Terraform templates and set up a bootstrap project, identity and access management groups, service accounts, organizational policies and constraints, logging and monitoring, automated infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, cloud source repository and hybrid connectivity. All to remain aligned with the broader business strategy.

Powerful Partnership: Simplify and Safeguard

Secure Cloud for the Future of Healthcare

With you, in lockstep. A strong partnership and mutual understanding strengthened the success of our solution. We helped our customer plan, build and optimize their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. We guided them along the way, providing them the flexibility to ensure the solution met their needs. Plus, leveraging our security expertise, we armed our client with premium best practices for identity and access management. Staying vigilant with automated security guardrails.

The completed migration to GCP is already making significant business impacts for our client.
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Real-World Results

Scale, security, speed—together, we’ve got you covered. We successfully implemented Google Cloud Foundations within budget and on time. The completed migration to GCP is already making significant business impacts for our client. Plus, we achieved their research security compliance initiative and automated their infrastructure environment.

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