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A Story of Owning Change

powered by big data

Building a big data solution using AWS

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Our client strives to deliver best-in-class media experiences and seeks ways to maximize their investments to push the bar of what’s possible and build for their future.

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The proposition: Data that scales

Innovation never sleeps—and neither can your data. Our client needed faster visibility into security vulnerabilities to make better business decisions. The answer: accurate, real-time reporting. Automating a previously manual reporting process would help mitigate risks, protect investments and reduce potential fallout while still maintaining a top-notch customer experience. To get the speed they needed, they turned to the cloud.

Our proposal: Enhanced insights

With an all-in partnership, we helped our client build a next-generation data and analytics platform leveraging the AWS cloud to uncover new value from their data. Together, we designed, developed and deployed custom BI dashboards—including an executive dashboard spanning all security threats—that allows them to respond quicker and make more informed business decisions.

Powerful partnership: A total package

For our client it wasn’t just about collecting data, but effectively drawing useful insights from it to drive strategic action—and shield from vulnerabilities. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we brought technical know-how in data analytics to seamlessly help our client migrate to AWS, while also bringing strategic insight into how the dashboards deliver business intelligence to help them sharpen their focus.

Together, we built a secure, high-performing and resilient data-driven infrastructure that’ll mitigate risks, improve ROI and increase agility.

Gained a repeatable, extensible data solution to identify critical vulnerabilities in real time

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Real-world Results

By rolling out a robust analytics platform, our client is now equipped with the ability to explore and quickly identify critical vulnerabilities from their data ecosystem in real time. They gained a repeatable, extensible solution, while also decreasing weeks of effort into minutes through data automation. Overall impact? Leaders enabled and empowered to make quicker, smarter and more informed decisions. Much needed protection for their business.

Reinventing their tomorrow, our client is now extracting cognitive value from their data that powers real-time resolutions and mitigates potential risks.

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