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A Story of Owning Change


POS innovation breathes new life into workstations technology


workstations updated with new hardware


store locations refreshed in three weeks


states covered 
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Retail rule No. 1—reinvent. Already an industry leader, our client's mission is to be the most engaging retailer in the U.S.

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The proposition:Merchandising makeover

Our client is a power player in the retail space with an unwavering commitment to technological advancement. They’re obsessed with the customer experience and are laser focused on connectivity to their customer base, through and through. Our client is continually pushing the boundaries of technology to up the ante in personalized customer experiences and smarter operations.

Time to activate change. Our client developed a new application to replace their legacy point-of-sale (POS) system. This cutting-edge technology—called point-of-commerce—integrates a variety of customer access points and consolidates customer information into a single repository. Store associates can access a shopper’s information in real time to better assist the customer in the moment. Shopping reimagined.

Just one speedbump—their workstations required an update to Windows 10 to support their new point-of-commerce. Priority No. 1 and geographically complex, our client needed a strong, flexible partner to refresh their workstations quickly, without disrupting store operations.

Our proposal:Innovation renovation

We stepped in, and stepped up. We collaborated with our long-time partner to build a schedule to update their more than 800 workstations across over 230 stores in just three weeks. Together, we handled the logistics of disassembling, reassembling and connecting the new workstations across every store. We deployed a dedicated team to work across 41 states to get their stores up and running on the new system.

Powerful partnership:Fortune favors pairs

With our deep understanding of how our client operates, we seamlessly executed and delivered their refresh—fast. We strategically planned each site deployment, updating select workstations within a single store at a time, so in-store business never missed a beat. Store operations disrupted? Not on our watch. No construction zones or lines—just a commitment to upping the quality service they already provide customers.

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Real-world Results

Shopping, streamlined. Now that their new point-of-commerce is compatible with their in-store systems, our client provides a more holistic experience for their valued customers. By centralizing their collection of customer data and with the ability to leverage new data to create more valuable products, they’re able to excite customers with curated experiences and build engaging relationships. Customer loyalty—won.

It doesn’t end here. Managing this technology deployment together, we’re continuing to partner with our client to update additional stores—1,500 more workstation updates are planned within the year. A forward-looking partnership always striving to make the challenging, possible.

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