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IT Service Providers Have a Ways to Go to Gain Extremely Satisfied Clients

May 15, 2012 | HANOVER, MD | For media inquiries, please contact us at

HANOVER, MD – May 15, 2012 – TEKsystems®, a leading provider of IT staffing solutions, IT talent management expertise and IT services, today announced findings from its quarterly IT Executive Outlook survey which is conducted in partnership with the Inavero Institute.

While 58% of IT leaders agree they would recommend most of their IT services providers to colleagues, only 15% strongly agree. Further, just 12% of IT leaders strongly agree that most IT service providers really care about helping the enterprise become a better/stronger organization from having partnered with them.

“IT leaders express general satisfaction with the majority of their IT service providers, but they lack conviction their partners are truly great. Service providers are doing a decent job of selling their services and capabilities, but few blow their customers away with performance and dedication to their customers’ business goals,” says TEKsystems Director, Rachel Russell.

IT leaders express the highest satisfaction rates with IT service providers on technical implementations (69%), quality of team provided to support/drive IT initiatives (67%) and analysis of current state of operations (59%).Conversely, they are least satisfied with IT service providers’ abilities to adapt training modules to job roles and internal workflows (39%), show ROI (38%), help align stakeholders (36%) and change leadership and management within the customer’s organization (35%).

“Achieving enterprise-wide adoption of new IT initiatives is critical to success. Many IT service providers are so focused on technical implementations, they don’t invest the appropriate time supporting change management. When new IT systems are implemented or new upgrades are made, it is vital to effectively manage the changes people will experience. Without a strong focus on the people-side of IT initiatives, organizations will rarely ever reap the full benefits of an IT investment,” concludes Russell.

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