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Timing is everything: Applying and searching for new jobs

Maximize your current job search with these best practices

July 1, 2020 | By: TEKsystems

young female professional gazing out window while waiting for interview to begin

Whether your job search began before or after the COVID-19 pandemic began, the challenges of finding a job have certainly been amplified. Social distancing, remote networking and hiring freezes may leave job seekers uncertain about how to look for a new role, and when. While it’s natural to want to wait to start looking for a new job, you might be missing out on the absolute best time to apply: right now.

Don’t wait to start your job search

It’s a myth that hiring slows down in the summer months—while late November through mid-December is traditionally touted as the perfect storm for hiring, companies don’t stop operations in the summer. Often, hiring managers are actually less busy during this time, enabling them to give more attention to reviewing applicants. Continue your job hunt through fall, where companies usually look to hire project manager and business analyst types to start planning new tech initiatives, which typically kick off in January. Historical data suggests full-time hiring stays steady through mid-December, while applicants all but disappear.

The current conditions make traditional ways of finding a job more challenging, but ultimately, tech companies are still hiring tens of thousands of roles according to Microsoft Corp’s LinkedIn data. Technologists are more important than ever as organizations shift and evolve their operations to manage dispersed teams and remote networks.

Narrow job applications to specific industries and roles

Not all industry job markets have been hit equally, so it’s important to know which ones are hiring and be persistent in applying. From retail to the federal government, cloud application developers to data analysts—companies are still hiring for technology roles. Search for open positions within the applicable sectors that you qualify for. And while it’s encouraged to continually search and apply for jobs now, resist the urge to submit applications to just anything that pops up—remember, quality over quantity.

Consider contract positions

In uncertain economic times, companies tend to be more open to hiring contingent labor for short- or long-term contract opportunities. Contingent labor is often able to adapt more easily, which is very attractive for companies that are observing demand patterns, reallocating resources and practicing flexibility. Plus, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered a renewable contract or the opportunity for more stable employment pending exceptional performance.

What if your ideal company isn’t hiring right now?

If a company isn’t hiring this second, ask them to keep you in mind. They may have just implemented a hiring freeze or don’t have the bandwidth to hire. Be respectful but proactive and get your name in the door for the future. While they may not be in the right climate to hire now, companies often want to continue to build their talent pipeline. If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, contact a local recruiter who has direct insight into industry trends, company hiring cycles, open roles and effective ways to get your foot in the door.

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