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Local Government

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36,000 municipalities. 3,000 counties. 13,000 school systems. The numbers that make up local U.S. government translate to families, homes, schools—but even more. From the small shop owner with aspiring business dreams, to the newlywed couple pouring a down payment into their first home, our local communities are the cornerstone of our daily lives.

Local governments have the power to uplift communities. Yet regulatory restrictions and the rapidly growing demands of technology present real challenges to operating effectively and efficiently. By seizing the power of data to improve transparency, accessibility and informed decision-making, you’ll not only be able to improve services to your community, you’ll be able to activate change, innovate and thrive.

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We partner with 250+ local government entities across the country.

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Public Safety

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Powering transformation at the grassroots

Together, we’ll help you reinvent to build better infrastructures, provide meaningful solutions and improve decision-making. We’re in the trenches with you, listening carefully to your challenges and working toward building a more compelling future at the local level. With more than 100 locations, there’s no better partner that understands your local market landscape. From aging infrastructure and public safety concerns, to data security breaches and competing budget priorities, we’ll help you realize transformative growth with a data-driven approach.

Key Focus Areas

  • Digitalization
  • Cyber Security
  • Automation
  • Cloud and Managed Services
  • Data Transparency
  • Smart Cities
  • Mobility
  • ERP
  • Modernization
  • Business Intelligence

Our Technology Partnerships

In Good Company

We work side by side with you to fully leverage our relationships with the world’s leading technology companies so you can reap the benefits of best-in-class implementation, integration and support—making the most of your technology investments and powering next-gen innovation.

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