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Higher Education Services

Investing in organizational readiness and agility enables higher education institutions to meet changing market demands and seize opportunities.

The pace of change in higher education is accelerating—innovation and disruption are constant. To meet the evolving needs of faculty, staff and students, higher education institutions must adapt their systems, technologies and strategies to sustain institutional effectiveness. Colleges and universities must invest in emerging technologies and learning and development programs that will help ensure your institution remains relevant, secure and competitive.

TEKsystems helps IT leaders at higher education institutions keep pace with the changing academic landscape, emerging technologies and effective talent management strategies. Our Higher Education solutions support a wide variety of strategic IT initiatives positioned to respond to leading industry trends. We help adapt your workforce, technology and enterprise strategies to ensure your institution remains competitive well into the future.

Higher Education IT Solutions

Technology is revolutionizing higher education. Academic institutions face diverse and expanding technology challenges every year, so it is important that your workforce has the right skills to be agile and responsive to progress campuswide IT. We understand the vital role IT plays in every facet of an academic institution. Without the right IT talent, it is difficult to adapt new strategies, drive modernization, gain insight into student behaviors, and support critical IT initiatives.

TEKsystems helps ensure you have impactful, transformative and highly responsive programs and IT in place, and skilled consultants to support these critical IT initiatives. Our Higher Education Services offers innovative, scalable IT services that are customized to meet your institution’s specific needs and goals. Whether it’s providing technology solutions, creating operational efficiencies or improving workforce stability, we have proven expertise to address the pressing challenges facing today’s campus leaders.

TEKsystems Higher Education Services helps you:
  • Attract and retain IT talent: IT departments at academic institutions struggle to build and maintain high-performance teams as they directly compete with private sector organizations for top talent. Leveraging our relationships with 81 percent of the North American IT workforce, we identify the best, most reliable IT talent to fill in-house skills gaps and act as an extension of your team.
  • Improve student outcomes and retention through analytics We leverage our extensive expertise with business intelligence (BI) products and services to deliver high-value solutions that produce actionable insights for faculty, staff an students. We also provide portal solutions that complement your existing BI programs to improve student progression, retention and graduation rates.
  • Provide technology solutions to support university research We partner with the Office of Research, high-performance computing (HPC), and various research institutes and center to ensure the right IT support is available to seamlessly funnel and track funding, and publicize new research.
  • Leverage technology to improve operational efficiencies Higher education institutions cope with flexing budgets year over year, so finding new ways to cut costs and streamline operations is essential to success. Our support enables IT departments to maximize their shrinking budgets and become more agile and efficient in responding to business needs, transitioning away from outdated infrastructures and toward adopting new cost-cutting technologies.
  • Execute projects specific to enterprise resource planning, student information systems, data analytics, online learning, mobility and security We deliver services beyond staff augmentation, performed through a variety of flexible delivery models, to achieve measurable outcomes. Whether you are looking for help designing or implementing IT initiatives, our team delivers flexible solutions tailored to meet your needs, circumstances and budget.
  • Access resources with expertise in diverse technical and functional areas We have over 250 IT consultants currently engaged at public, private and community colleges, and for-profit universities across the country. Our dedicated recruiting specialists speak with over 100,000 technology professionals every week, enabling us to quickly identify top talent and stay abreast of the most current industry research and strategies to enhance our ability to provide meaningful solutions.
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