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3 Days

General technology background required.

Each attendee must have a laptop with internet access and the ability to run a 64 bit virtual machine to complete the lab assignments.

This three day hands-on course is designed to provide developers and security professionals with a solid grounding in digital cryptography covering both theory and modern common practice in a cloud native environment.

This in-depth hands-on course introduces developers, security professionals and other technology staff to the principles and practices driving modern cryptography. Day one begins with a cryptography overview and coverage of both block and stream ciphers. Block cipher modes for streaming systems are covered along with schemes for encryption at rest on premand in the cloud.

Day two ties in hashing and signing technologies along with keys and key exchange. On the practical side, day two introduces attendees to certificates, PKI, TLS, IPSEC, WPA2 and various MAC and digital signature schemes used to authenticate binaries and containers. Each module in the course includes a hands-on lab, giving attendees a chance to work with common tools and technologies, providing practical insight to accompany the theory.

Day three introduces various key management schemes and tools such as Hashi Corp Vault and common cloud native platform solutions. The final modules cover authentication and encryption platforms such as Kerberos and SSH, with a deeper look at GSSAPI and other supporting technologies.
This course is designed for Developers, Security Team Members, IT and QA Staff, Architects and Technical Managers.

In this course, participants will:

  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create and analyze best practice driven cryptographic systems that are robust, efficient and secure.
Day 1 - Ciphers and Encryption
Cryptography Overview
Block Ciphers
Stream Ciphers and Modes
At Rest Encryption

Day 2 - Hash Functions and Key Exchange
Cryptographic Hashing
Key Exchange Schemes
Signing, PKI, TLS and Cipher Suites
IPSEC, Wireless and Wired Encryption

Day 3 - End to End Solutions
Key Management
Additional Topics
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