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Agile Coaching

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The coaching duration can vary for each project team. Generally a coach will spend three to six months with a team, based on their Agile adoption road map.

No previous coursework is required, but we often suggest combining coaching with some of our introduction level Agile courses.

TEKsystems provides Agile coaching for executives and project teams within Fortune 1000 companies, and we have the ability to accommodate distributed teams with on site and/or virtual coaching.

Throughout a coaching engagement, our expert coaches integrate with project teams and provide continuous support, guidance and learning in order to enable the organization to capitalize on the principles and practices found in Agile. While we work with the project teams, our goal is to also educate, inform and secure buy-in from management and executive leadership as the organization’s culture transforms.

TEKsystems provides more than just a coach. We provide access to one of the largest teams of transformation experts in the world. Our expertise spans most major industries, covering a broad range of technical and business perspectives. In partnership, we can break down the barriers to sustained success and communicate the vision across the organization.

Our approach is highly consultative and personalized to the organization to offer the scalability and flexibility that enterprise organizations require along with the Agile expertise to ultimately help deliver more value faster
Coaching is ideal for organizations seeking to adopt Agile or increase their Agile maturity. Coaches usually focus on delivery, working directly with the project team, and/or focus on strategy, helping an organization develop and implement their Agile transition plan.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Put Agile knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to work 
  • Be self-sustained and self-sufficient using Agile methodologies 
  • Identify Agile leaders who will be capable of training new team members and successfully monitoring the process
The topics illustrate, at a high level, what is typically covered during an Agile coaching engagement. TEKsystems also offers more specialized coaching packages for those who have specific coaching needs such as Agile Assessments, Agile Pilot, Agile Story Writing and Release Planning, Agile Estimation and Agile Transformation.

Backlog Management 
Backlog mapping 
Prioritization practices 
Product road-mapping 
Continuous backlog grooming

Velocity-driven iteration planning 
Velocity forecasting 
Release planning

Reporting and Diagnostics 
Iteration-level reporting 
Release-level reporting 
Quality reporting 
Program reporting

Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) 
Defect containment strategies 
Test-case and defect management

Introduction of Agile technical and design practices 
Technical debt strategies

Integrating with other Teams 
Multi-team coordination and orchestration 
Distributed team practices 
Working with other organizational groups (architecture, infrastructure, PMO)
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