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TEKsystems IT Services

Rachel Russell, Director - Marketing: The speed of technological change and the global competitive landscape requires IT organizations to be flexible in how they are structured. They not only need to consider the partners that they select but the delivery model they use to optimize how IT work gets done. 

KyIe Hunsucker, Director - Strategic Accounts: In the past, IT work was traditionally seen as more of a support function, aligned to support business. Now it’s actually transforming into more of an enabler of business. 

Randy Verdino, Vice President - Global Services: The IT industry is catching up to realities that its expansion and consumption are growing at unparalleled rates. Our customers have demands now globally, there’s an increased appetite for data across the enterprise, and all these things bring a new range of pressure and challenges on the IT consumer. 

Ricardo Madan, Executive Director - Network Services: Most IT challenges today really revolve around talent and competencies. Either you don’t have enough skills inside of a given project plan, or you don’t have the right resources, or just not enough of the resources. 

Allen Kriete, Vice President, Healthcare Service: You’ve got to be agile. You have to clearly understand where that labor market is, how to attract that labor market, how to retain that labor market, and then how to continue to manage that labor market to achieve the things you’re looking to achieve. 

Garrett Haycock, Vice President - Organizational Development: There are a lot of components associated with getting an IT project done. You look at technology, you look at equipment, you look at various organizations to help you get that work done, but ultimately the success of IT projects depends on the people that are completing those projects. 

Rachel Russell: TEKsystems provides businesses with three different types of services to address their IT needs. 

  • Staffing solutions on a contract, contract–to-hire and direct placement basis.
  • Human capital management expertise to help organizations optimize how they attract and retain talent.  
  • And IT services delivered through a managed, project-based or outsourced model.

Jeff Mason, Executive Director - PMO: TEKsystems helps on many levels. At our core we’re best at IT talent acquisition and retention, but we also have a lot of subject matter expertise in different verticals, different technical domains, and we’re able to funnel all that stuff together and provide incredible solutions for our clients. 

Randy Verdino: To us, it’s all about the customers. We listen, we understand and then we respond with solutions that solve each client’s specific problem. 

Keith Spencer, Director - Solutions Consulting: What we want to do is understand clearly what our customers’ objectives are and then come alongside the customer to make sure we can deliver a solid technical solution that solves a business problem. 

Allen Kriete: In order to customize a solution you’ve got to really understand what the problem is, you’ve got to be able to help the customer prioritize that problem, really understand where the biggest areas of weakness are in solving that problem, what do they do well, what do we do well and then marrying those two up to come up with the right solution. 

Dave Spires, Director - ERP Support Services: We help our customers deliver their goals and meet their objectives by providing flexible solutions that boil down to having the right people in the right place at the right time. 

Ruby Mazzeo, Director - Business Operations: TEKsystems is all about providing our customers and our consultants the best possible services we can. Whether it’s solving a complex business challenge or ensuring that our technical professionals are on the right career path, we’re going to put 100 percent into what we do. 

Roland Chan, Director - National Sales: We truly care about what that customer is trying to accomplish. Not only that, we really care about our consultants that are working on those projects, so it’s a personal investment. 

Kevin Phillips, Vice President - Financial Services: One of the things that makes TEKsystems unique is we care, we absolutely get in the trenches with our customers to really understand their business needs and ensure that they have got the right talent to execute on their projects. 

Jason DeGroff, Director - Regional Sales: I don’t know that there’s anybody on the globe that understands people as well as we do. 

Erin McMahon, Director - Strategic Accounts: To find great consultants for our customers, we go to our proven network of consultants which holds over 85 percent of the IT workforce. 

Randy Verdino: We have over 24,000 IT professionals employed at some of the world’s largest companies. 

Garrett Haycock: And it’s that size and skill, and being able to aggregate all that information together, that keeps us ahead of the marketplace. 

Lori Jerome, Director - Business Operations: Our customers should know that when they come to TEKsystems for a resource, we’re going to send them our top candidates, and it’s going to come from the vast network that we have. 

Garrett Haycock: I can promise that TEKsystems will always give its best effort, that it will always be honest, and that it will always be a true partner to our customers.