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EHR Implementation: Success Factors

Implementation of Electronic Healthcare Records is essential for saving:

  • Time
  • Money 
  • Lives 

Understanding the needs of IT is essential for implementation success.

TEKsystems commissioned HIMMS Analytics to survey 300 healthcare IT professionals about the needs and challenges they will face in EHR implementation:

  • Only one-quarter are extremely confident in final EHR adoption
  • Only one-quarter are extremely confident ROI will be met by their lifeline
  • Seventy-four percent start training only one to three months before implementation
  • Sixty-one percent plan on-site support for less than 30 days
  • More than 50 percent anticipate more than six months for adoption

What areas of EHR adoption need attention?

Tailored training support:

  • Ninety-four percent had classroom instruction
  • Forty percent request more
  • Eighty-five percent believe a varied curriculum will lead to increased adoption
  • Over three-quarters desire tailored learning modules to jobs or workflows

End-user involvement:

  • More than half struggle to find the right people to lead classroom discussion and to build training programs
  • Nearly two-thirds struggle to find the right people with the right skills for implementation
  • Less than half of healthcare IT workers claim complete engagement in the process
  • Only 59 percent of healthcare IT trainers claim complete engagement in the process

What are the answers? How can TEKsystems help with healthcare IT?

  • TEKsystems has over 700 healthcare clients.
  • TEKsystems deploys over 7,000 healthcare IT professionals annually 

TEKsystems helps our clients to address:

  • Meaningful use
  • Compliance 
  • Analytics 
  • Network transformation
  • Revenue cycle management

TEKsystems: People transforming healthcare