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The Future of IT Consulting

There’s never been a better time to be an IT professional. With the evolving workplace, where businesses want faster results at a lower cost and employees want more flexibility, IT workers sit in a great position to take advantage of these changes

Two major trends will have strong impacts on the way IT professionals work in the future.

  • Companies will increasingly outsource IT functions. Some jobs are too knowledge-intensive for in-house talent to handle, so many firms will hire consultants who specialize in projects. And as IT functions become more standardized, companies will look to transfer them to sites with cheaper labor.

In fact, according to a recent McKinsey survey, 58 percent of companies expect to use more part-time or contract employees, while 22 percent expect to outsource more jobs.

  • The second trend is the increasing pace of technological change. There will be strong demand for IT workers who can keep their skills up to date.

So how do you go about this?

As an IT professional, you’re never done learning. Stay current with advances in your field. Master new technologies. Invest the time every year to learn new skills. Online learning platforms can be a great way to do this.

Working as an IT consultant can introduce you to a variety of assignments and expose you to new technologies. Many placement agencies offer affordable skills training, which can save you a bundle while enhancing your marketability.

If you have programming and application development skills, then you’re a step ahead.  Sixty percent of IT leaders plan to hire people with these skills next year. 

This is all great news for IT workers. Companies are starting to view IT as a core function essential to business strategy. So they’re looking for people with business acumen as well as technical expertise. Strategic thinking, leadership and top-notch project management skills never go out of style.  

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