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Top paying IT positions hit six figures

September 11, 2013

IT staffing services are in increasingly high demand among companies looking to implement new technologies, such as cloud computing, streamline operations through processes like bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and undertake Big Data projects. In fact, the industry continues to add jobs, with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that 18,200 positions were added in the sector in June.

As opportunities increase and competition grows, IT professionals are likely to see salaries rise concurrently with demand. With this in mind, researching the market to find the perfect position should be on every jobseeker's to-do list. A recent overview from Mondo outlined some of the most highly paid careers for IT experts, reporting that the sector is seeing year-over-year growth, which can equate to six-figure salaries for some individuals.

  1. Chief Information Officer (CIO): It should come as no surprise that CIOs are among the top-paid tech professionals in the industry. With annual salaries averaging somewhere between $195,000 and $230,000, these individuals are responsible for working with other C-suite leaders to drive critical technology investments that could give companies the competitive edge.
  2. IT Security Manager, with 10 or more years of experience: In this position, individuals can make between $145,000 and $177,000, according to the report. These tech experts are saddled with protecting data against hackers, breaches and corporate espionage. As the number of these incidents rise, so will the importance of the role and the level of compensation.
  3. Software Architect: These individuals make between $144,000 and $170,000 annually. IT professionals with a clear understanding of business and technology needs and an ability to balance them are now in greater need, especially as more companies attempt to transition to cloud-based solutions.
  4. Network Architect: According to the research, this job makes between $132,000 and $154,000, and has shown advancement over the past decade or so as a result of a greater emphasis on addressing the challenges that cloud computing poses for firms' systems.
  5.  Data Warehouse Engineer: Workers who are able to navigate the increasingly complex world of Big Data can be compensated with annual salaries between $129,000 and $145,000. And these figures are only going up, the report found.

Additionally, the study noted that data analysts, help desk senior staffers and technical writers have seen their salaries increase by 18.3 percent, 15.4 percent and 14.3 percent, respectively, between 2012 and 2013, with HTML5 developers' salaries hitting the six-figure range.

A separate study from Bluewolf noted that the rise in salaries indicates the evolution of the skill set IT professionals are expected to offer companies. The skills needed to gain these positions are increasingly advanced. However, with the right training and certification, applicants can contend with an increasingly competitive job pool for top roles.

"The market is hot for IT talent and companies are scrambling to implement new flexible technologies, leaving IT deliberating over how to design both their technology and their workforce for scalability," Michael Kirven, co-founder of Bluewolf, said in a statement. "This continued high demand of IT only logically leads to an increase in those salaries."

IT staffing solutions can help all players in the tech world. Job applicants can work with experienced recruiters to find the perfect position that will utilize all of their skills and qualifications. Companies, on the other hand, can be connected to a wide array of tech professionals who can help them take their operations to the next level by leveraging data, improving security and enabling greater competition.

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