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Leading a Global PC Refresh Inititative at SAIC

Government | Network Infrastructure Staffing, Network Services

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SAIC enlists TEKsystems to execute a multi-million dollar deployment contract for a major U.S. oil refiner.

Headquartered in San Diego, SAIC is a leading provider of scientific, engineering, systems integration and technical solutions to commercial customers, the U.S Department of Defense (DoD) and all branches of the U.S. military. Our client’s customer is a major U.S. oil refiner operating out of the midwest. TEKsystems has teamed with this client for more than 10 years.
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In early 2009, SAIC was approached by one of its largest customers to bid on a global PC refresh project that spanned more than 10,000 PCs spread across 140+ locations. The client took into consideration its geographical coverage, financial constraints and experience with projects of this magnitude. It decided to partner with a company that had a wide-spread North American footprint and a proven track record of successfully delivering on projects of this type and size.

Having built a solid relationship with TEKsystems, SAIC invited us to participate in early discussions with its leadership regarding the feasibility of competing for this contract. TEKsystems worked with SAIC’s management to develop a strategy that called for the project to be centrally controlled and systematically executed over five regions. To successfully execute this strategy, SAIC would need to draw upon its partner’s project management expertise, national reach and ability to utilize local resources to provide a cost-effective model. SAIC vetted TEKsystems against other Global Service providers via a formal RFP process and concluded that we were the only provider with the capability to perform successfully in each of the needed areas.

Upon selecting us as its provider of choice, SAIC responded to its customer’s RFP with a detail project proposal, subsequently winning the contract.

The scope of the project included approximately 140 U.S. locations and consisted of corporate offices, sales offices and oil refineries. The project team implemented our proposed centrally controlled regional approach and SAIC appointed members of its internal operations to serve as team leads for each of the five regions. TEKsystems leveraged our National Logistics Office (NLO) to recruit local resources to staff each region with a junior team lead and, depending on the size of the region, five to seven technicians.

Due to the customer’s very aggressive schedule, the teams were deployed simultaneously and worked evenings to carry out the PC refreshes. Our goal was for each site’s employees to be fully operational the next morning. A site visit was conducted at each location and technicians evaluated each PC individually to assess the work to be performed. Each system was then marked for either an upgrade or complete replacement. As a part of this refresh, we also handled any needed system backups, data migrations and/or re-installation of operating system and software programs. These teams worked together on bigger sites and then dispersed to allow technicians to handle smaller sites individually.

For larger sites, we deployed a support technician who arrived the next morning to answer any questions or troubleshoot issues if needed, ensuring all end user needs were met. TEKsystems’ technicians were often met with happy employees and rave reviews.

Over the life of this project, we deployed a total of 118 technicians. The TEKsystems NLO’s ability to draw upon the support of our local offices was a key factor that bolstered our ability to cost effectively deliver great results for SAIC. This contract was completed under budget and three months ahead of schedule.

Our team was able to deliver a significant cost savings without sacrificing quality. From a customer perspective, our technicians were consistently rated well, earning performance ratings of 98 percent in quality and 99 percent in timeliness. The TEKsystems team completed this project with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 99 percent.

As a result of this project’s success, we are currently engaged with SAIC to help it execute another customer contract and are in discussions regarding a long-term agreement to provide global IT support.

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