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Smart Buildings: What to Consider When Building an OT Incident Response Plan

Nov. 2019

Assessing and responding to cyber-risk

Incident response and disaster recovery for IT are not directly transferrable to operational technology (OT) / control systems. Some IT lessons learned and best practices can be used as starting points and frameworks for OT, but control systems and the underlying devices that support OT system requirements can introduce unique challenges to IT systems. Responding to a cyberevent in the control system space requires new and different strategies from those typically put in place within the IT space.

This white paper explores the ins and outs of incident response plans (IRP)—from the foundational structure of an OT IRP and how to get started building one to who you should pull in to form a well-rounded response team capable of shaping and executing a successful IRP.

This white paper is the fourth in a series, “Building Resistance: A Look at OT, IT and Mitigating Risks.”

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Building Resistance Series Part 4 | Smart buildings: OT Incident Response Plan