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Press Release | TEKsystems Awarded “Most Suitable Place to Work 2021”

TEKsystems cares about the health and wellbeing of our people, commits to workplace diversity and inclusion, and actively embraces social responsibilities

December 9, 2021, Shanghai - At the opening ceremony of the 2021 Shanghai Pudong International Talent Hub Forum, TEKsystems China (legal entity in China: Allegis-BN Talent Consultancy Co. Ltd.) was awarded as one of the “Most Suitable Place to Work 2021” in China. TEKsystems is an Allegis Group Company, a global leader in talent solutions, and provides professional IT talents and service in China.

TEKsystems provides tens of thousands of technical talent to our clients and connects great people to great opportunities. Based on the nature of our business, we have forged a People Oriented culture from Day One. Since our entry into the China market in 2008, TEKsystems has followed the Allegis Group values and culture, and complied with local laws and regulations, customs and traditions as well as, talent characteristics to form our own special TEKsystems workplace culture. That culture focuses on caring about the health and wellbeing of our people, promoting workplace diversity and inclusion, and actively embracing social responsibilities. Through these three pillars, we demonstrate our commitment to building the best workplace for our people.

Health and Wellbeing Programs for Our People

Beside the existing Corporate Employee Assistance Program (EAP), TEKsystems has launched various health and wellbeing programmes based on the characteristics of local employees, including activities around Mental Health Month, Gratitude Month, office yoga classes, “Early Bird” breakfasts, monthly TEKsystems Movie nights, etc. These activities are well received by all and help boost our people’s physical and mental wellness.

Diversity and Inclusion in Workplace

We host a regular Women in Leadership forum and invite female leaders to share their challenges and experiences at work; we provide more convenient office facilities and more flexible working hour options for working mums; we launched diversity and inclusion training sessions to educate people on workplace inclusion, fight against workplace discrimination and promote fairness and diversity.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We live by our core value of “Serving Others” and have committed a total of 1000+ volunteer hours every year to supporting our local community and underprivileged individuals and groups. TEKsystems China pays special attention to the benefits of disabled children and has established long-term partnerships with multiple non-profit organisations locally to provide donations and regular volunteer service. Each year, we rally our people to give back to our community and make contributions to others. This is an important way to build up our inner spiritual pillar and help those in need at the same time. A great way for our people to gain happiness and satisfaction outside of the office.

In addition to the above, TEKsystems China also provides comprehensive training programmes, personal development support, courtesy gifts on special occasions such as weddings, births etc. to both inhouse employees and technical consultants. These are all well rated in our yearly employee satisfaction survey.

It is a huge honour for TEKsystems China to win the title of “Most Suitable Place to work 2021”. This is not just a recognition of our persistent dedication to workplace culture, but also a strong encouragement in our future pursuit of providing a better workplace experience to a wider range of people. We will join hands with our clients, candidates, and employees in China to co-create a better workplace for all.

About the “Most Suitable Place to Work 2021” Competition

The “Most Suitable Place to Work 2021” competition was organised by Shanghai Pudong International Talent Hub with the purpose to evaluate and recognise the greatest places to work and deep dive into best practices for excellent experiences and to promote workplace brands. Its mission is to create the best workplace for people and create value for brands.

The competition was officially launched in July 2021. The process includes initial screening of participating companies, an online survey, and expert evaluation. The official result was announced at the opening ceremony of the 2021 Shanghai Pudong International Talent Hub Forum on Dec 2. It is currently the only government recognised workplace award in the China market.

About TEKsystems

We’re partners in transformation. We help clients activate ideas and solutions to take advantage of a new world of opportunity. We are a committed team working with over 6,000 clients across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. As an industry leader in recruitment and services, we work with progressive leaders to drive change. That’s the power of true partnership. TEKsystems is an Allegis Group company.