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Telecom Design, Implementation & Operations

Revolutionize from the ground up

Welcome to the world of telecommunications, where the promise of a faster network powers innovation. Carriers and the organizations that support them need to respond with scalable network solutions that expand capacity, increase network efficiency and satiate consumer and business appetites for data-intense services. Increased bandwidth? That’s now table stakes. Video streaming, fluid content, IoT and smart technologies are changing the rules of the game. We’ll help you play to win.

Get there first with an unstoppable partnership

Our passion for partnership shines through our ability to scale with you. We’ll help you on your journey to modernize and densify your network infrastructure at the ferocious pace of change. From engineering design and project management to construction and integration, we’ll help you expand your capabilities and capacity to power the massive wave of next-generation 5G deployment headed your way. We’re entrenched in your industry and draw on more than 35 years of expertise to help you enhance your network by surging productivity. Together, we’ll achieve transformation built for the future.

REAL ROI: Site Development and Construction Management 


site development and technology overlay projects


reduction in project management unit costs delivered


site acquisition and construction management professionals deployed in 20 markets


With sky-high bandwidth demands, competition in this market has never been fiercer. We understand how crucial your infrastructure is for providing long-term, reliable service, which is why we help you lead RF, outside plant, construction and engineering design—from inception to completion. We’ll help you optimize core and access communication networks from RF to transport projects, and everything in between. Surpassed business goals and heightened customer experiences? Two birds, one stone.


Being on the verge of the massive deployment cycle that is 5G means you need streamlined methodologies that increase your speed to market. We’re laying the groundwork for installation and site acquisition needed for end-to-end solutions that allow critical programs to take shape. We’ll help you execute project management solutions by augmenting capabilities and capacity for ultimate efficiency and savings. Now, that’s a return on your network investment.


Propel your network operations forward with unique field and operations center capabilities that improve process efficiencies. Through our network operations services and tailored approach for your business, we’ll help you manage carrier networks to achieve sustained business impact. Translation: efficiency that goes through the roof.

REAL ROI: Transport Design and Delivery


Macro site activation projects for transport design and delivery


in temporary microwave spend saved within the first year


cell sites delivered with Initial Design Services for a Dark Fiber Conversions program

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Advising to outsourcing to talent. Our delivery isn’t off-the-shelf, it’s unique to you.

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