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Time and Expense

Business leaders’ time is in high demand. Therefore, service providers must help maximize productivity.

Our reliable Time Central program provides a cost-effective and efficient means to track employees' time, control labour costs and increase payroll accuracy. 

Web-based Timekeeping Solutions

TEKsystems Time and Expense (T&E) is a Web-based time tracking tool within our Time Central program that allows you to significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to approve time cards and expense reports. T&E is free for TEKsystems clients, accessible through any conventional Web browser and does not require hardware or software installation.

Client Benefits of TEKsystems T&E Service Include

  • Cloud time tracking
  • Project tracking capability
  • Ability to route time sheets and expense reports to an alternative approver when needed
  • Access to historical time sheets and expense reports from your desktop
  • No limit on the number of employees who can use the system
  • Web or phone access
  • Interactive voice response component for employees without Internet access to call in their time by telephone

Other Time Central Tools

In addition to our web-based time card tool, T&E, Time Central includes a File Integration tool and Automated Hours Collection system. Our File Integration tool provides a secure electronic transfer of consultants’ payroll information to TEKsystems, while our Automated Hours Collection system is ideal for technical professionals using paper timecards.

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