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Own the future

Consumers are growing insatiable appetites for digital content. They want it all, and they would like it delivered yesterday. Lightning-fast download speeds delivering binge-worthy content anytime, anywhere are expected—making fleeting customer loyalty an expansive battleground.

Wireless carrier networks need to be faster, more agile and—above all—studded with next-gen functionality. Momentum is the name of the game to scale in this fast-paced market and the key to access customer wallet share. Technology never sleeps. The achievement of next-generation 4G LTE and 5G networks is the enabler. You need to keep up and generate new revenue streams by defining and executing first-class strategies that drive content-rich—and personalized—experiences. It’s time to own the future and edge ahead.

Wireless data use will continue to grow. Americans are projected to use four times more mobile data by 2021 and by 2025, people will interact with connected devices every 18 seconds.

Source: CTIA Website



Integrated carriers


Public safety

Media and Entertainment

Race to change

Transformation is inevitable. It’s not a question of whether you’ll get there—it’s when. To arrive first, you need to initiate smarter, future-forward strategies to gain speed, build reliability and expand accessibility. Enter: our highly skilled innovators pushing the limits of technology and process to power your profitability and ability to entice customers. We’ll help you accelerate change and achieve your vision in a 5G universe. Powerful connections through powerful partnership.

Key Focus Areas

  • 5G and Next-Gen Technology
  • Platforms (OTT, SMART, Mobile)
  • Network Performance (SDN, NFV)
  • Digital Customer Journeys
  • Content Distribution (Codecs, Protocols, Licensing)
  • Automation, AI and Data Insights
  • Cloud Transformation (DevOps, CI/CD, Agile)
  • Targeted Advertising and Conversion/Adtec
  • Loyalty and Personalization
  • Security and Risk in a Digital Ecosystem

Diffused content and media

Customer buying habits are changing, bringing rise to a new breed of content delivery engines. Media and studio giants are competing not only with on-demand offerings, but streaming services, pay-as-you-go content delivery systems and emerging over-the-top providers. All vying for the same market share. We help product owners and content providers create connected, personalized and immersive entertainment experiences—all to captivate and build loyalty with today’s discerning consumers.

Next Generation, Now

Disruption is constant. Whether ramping up for 5G and the opportunities it will unlock or keeping pace with rising consumer expectations—technology is pushing us in new and exciting ways. How will you propel forward and lead tomorrow?

Our Technology Partnerships

In Good Company

We work side by side with you to fully leverage our relationships with the world’s leading technology companies so you can reap the benefits of best-in-class implementation, integration and support—making the most of your technology investments and powering next-gen innovation.

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