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Delivery Methods

The most successful organizations focus on training and education programs that keep employee skills sharp, productivity high and user adoption of new systems seamless.

Our learning consultants work with you up front to identify a customized learning solution that meets your business’s logistical needs and is in line with your organization’s culture.

You can count on us for virtual training, classroom training, self-paced learning, coaching or an IT learning delivery method that fits the unique needs of your business.

Our delivery methods include:

Blended learning

Our learning consultants develop a targeted, customized IT learning solution that integrates assessments, e-learning, online resources, collaboration tools, coaching and instructor-led training to increase return on investment. Blended learning provides flexibility, allowing you to utilize different learning modalities for different subjects, curriculum or training needs.

Classroom training

We offer instructor-led, IT classroom training where you need it most.

  • On site at your facility
  • Off site at any TEKsystems location
  • Portable classrooms at any location in the U.S. or Canada
  • Hosted lab solution to increase the effectiveness of hands-on technology workshops

To gain maximum benefit from a learning experience of any kind, engage us to implement a coaching program. Participants benefit from one-to-one skill building and develop partnerships with experienced subject matter experts and educators. Discussions and assignments revolve around the practical application of skills and experiences, enabling learners to practice real-world scenarios within a learning environment.


We recommend IT online training with self-paced computer and Web-based training options for self-directed learning that can be accomplished anytime and anywhere. With over 3,000 courses available ranging from soft skills seminars to high-level technical courses, we offer a robust catalog of business and IT online classes. We can also augment collections of self-paced courses to provide pre- and post-learning support in conjunction with an instructor-led program.

Virtual training

We are experienced in delivering live, instructor-led training using virtual learning tools. This highly interactive, engaging learning format allows for training collaboration among virtual and remote teams without the expense or inconvenience of travel. Leveraging our portfolio of facilitation tools and virtual training best practices, we offer high-quality training solutions led by live instructors who field questions, provide over-the-shoulder workshop support, augment virtual group exercises and create engaging, virtual learning techniques such as polling, quizzes and document sharing.

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