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Collaboration Services

Between telephone, video conferencing, email and instant messaging, organizations have a growing number of channels with which to communicate internally and with their customers.

While the prospect of using these technologies offers potential time and cost savings and can help increase productivity and collaboration, the benefits can only be realized if communications platforms are effectively integrated across the enterprise.

But often organizations have difficulty streamlining their communications platforms because they have been developed in independent silos, with separate infrastructure and support channels. A strong collaboration program links multiple independent technologies, enabling organizations to enhance the customer experience, maximize employee productivity and improve operations continuity—all while reducing IT and infrastructure overhead.

TEKsystems supports collaboration initiatives through our dedicated Network and Data Center Services practice. We deliver transformation solutions centered on collaboration technologies, regardless of your communications program’s level of maturity. Whether you’re beginning to explore a collaboration solution or already have one in place but require support maintaining it, TEKsystems Collaboration Services can meet you where you are and help make sense of the complicated communications environment to maximize its value to your business. 

Assessment Services

Our assessment services enable clients to map and design their collaboration projects. Through a series of services, we help clients ultimately arrive at the optimal architecture for their environment. Our assessment solutions team performs current-state evaluations to appraise the existing infrastructure and identify gaps to address in transition planning.

  • We conduct network assessments to determine whether your network is ready and capable of handling unified and collaborative services.
  • We perform capacity assessments to evaluate the required capacity for supporting the collaboration system in the client’s environment. TEKsystems also guides clients through the platform selection process, gathering requirements and selecting the platform that best suits the business based on each client’s unique needs and critical success factors.
  • We can also perform ROI calculations that assess the platform, create a solution roadmap and generate an ROI matrix.
Deployment Services

TEKsystems Deployment Services take clients through the full life cycle of migrating from one system to another. The life cycle involves discovery, design, build, quality assurance (QA) and testing, and deployment services.

  • During the initial discovery, we define business and functional requirements and create a future-state summary.
  • Our design services use the business requirements to design call flows, provisioning guides and standardization specifications for building the solution.
  • At the build stage of the life cycle, we implement the design (e.g., configuring router switches and configuring the network) and ensure all defined business requirements are met.
  • TEKsystems provides QA and testing services to test the configured design to confirm it is working appropriately.
  • We also facilitate the physical deployments (e.g., dropping phones, racking switches and racking routers) through our deployment services, taking the migration from Day 0 test to final production release (e.g., configuring switches, servers and applications).

Our Deployment Services provide a structured, yet flexible, approach based on our Unified Project Management Methodology (UPMM), which defines the processes and best practices necessary for the delivery of mission-critical service solutions.

Sustainment Services

Through our Sustainment Services, TEKsystems provides scalable, customized support backed by a team of experienced ITIL®-trained help desk professionals.

  • Our services encompass provisioning, installations, upgrades, configuration as well as monitoring physical hardware (i.e., router, phones, T1 lines or older telephone systems).
  • Our Maintenance and Sustainment teams can handle routine incident management and MACD changes (Move, add, change or Disconnect) as well as complex problem management and root cause analysis from deployment (Day 1) through post-deployment (Day 2). Services are available on site at client locations as well as remotely at one of our on-shore or off-shore solution centers.
  • Our Maintenance and Sustainment offerings also include structured software upgrade and hardware refresh services. Offerings also include structured application and software upgrades and hardware refresh services (i.e., switches, servers, network and telecom services and applications).

How We Drive Business Outcomes

With more than 30 years of experience, TEKsystems’ longstanding history of commitment to high-quality outcomes is rooted in our unparalleled ability to provide the best match of IT talent for the job at hand. Our relationships with 81 percent of the IT workforce grant us superior access to the skills you need in each local market.

TEKsystems maintains a dedicated Collaboration Services practice, solving clients’ toughest communications challenges in order to simplify employee and end-user interactions, reduce redundancies and maximize efficiencies. We provide the subject matter expertise and oversight in-house; we’re not only focused on building the right solution but also executing it based on defined processes and best practices.

TEKsystems offers years of practical field experience with over 6,000 clients annually—including 82 percent of the Fortune 500 and organizations across the entire network infrastructure spectrum. We’ve developed processes based on ITIL® best practices, industry knowledge and lessons learned. With our deep experience, we know how to choose and execute the right approach to ensure we deliver successful outcomes every time.

Our approach to service management is based upon industry best practices and quality standards as well as defined and repeatable service delivery processes. We are also ISO 9001 certified and we adhere to these standards using our Project Management Office (PMO) to govern and drive consistent use of process standards, collaboration tools and industry expertise during every engagement.

In addition to our Network and Data Center Services practice, our Infrastructure Services also include Technology Deployment, Support Services and Information Security. We also offer self-paced, instructor-led, virtual and blended learning curriculums through TEKsystems Learning Solutions. As a dominant leader in ITIL training, we offer executive overviews, simulations and certifications. 

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